Shades 2 (31)

18 June 2024


Originally '31' in the 'Year of Music' series, now imaginatively titled 'Shades 2' and given an equally imaginative 'new' cover.


Okay, not very imaginative at all, but the musical content is mostly based around contemporary jazz, nu-jazz.... or call it what you will, which was similar for 'Shades (48)', so yeah, I manipulated the cover and stuck a 2 on the end of the title. There doesn't have to always be a deep and meaningful connection with the music and the cover does there? 

If you want to know what the 'Year of Music' thing is about, then there's an explanation [HERE]. If you prefer a Soundcloud player, then you can find that [HERE], though my subscription to there might change in future and the link may well vanish.



01. Danny Scott Lane - Six (Shimmering Moods Records)
02. Amara - Blue (Sola Terra)
03. DJ Cam ft. Donnie - Elevation (Inflamable)
04. Floating Points - The Sweet Time Suite (Pt 1) (Late Night Tales)
05. Kutiman - 6 am (Siyal Music)
06. Nat Birchall - Omniscient Beings (Ancient Archive of Sound)
07. [Re:Jazz] - Inner City Life (INFRACom!)
08. The Detroit Experiment - Midnight At The Twenty Grand (Ropeadope Records)
09. DJ Takemura - Harmonium (Mo Wax)
10. Funky Monkey - LA Riot (Funky Inc.)
11. Christian Prommer's Drum Lesson - Trans Europa Express (Sonar Kollektiv)
12. Alex Reece - Jazz Master (Kruder & Dorfmeister Mix) (!K7)


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