Growth & Decay (30)

20 June 2024


This was originally number 30 in the 'Year of Music' series from back in 2022. I've given it the title 'Growth & Decay' and although the photo I used for the original cover is the same, it's had a bit of an edit to work with the title a little better.

I went with the title 'Growth & Decay' for a couple of reasons, firstly some of the music ties in beautifully with that, listen and judge for yourself. Secondly, the photo was a macro photo I took in my garden a few years ago, I forget what the flower is, but the original image is showing the flower at that point where it's bloomed, it's done what it needs to do and it's beginning to degrade and decay.

I might have said this about other mixes I've posted recently (I listen to them before I repost them), but this is one of my favourite mixes from that year, it's got a nice flow to it, and of course, I bought the music for my own listening enjoyment, so of course I'm going to feel something towards it, but it also is one of the most played mixes of mine from recent years, so it must have struck a chord with other people too, which is always nice to think.

If you want to know what the 'Year of Music' was all about, then you can find out [HERE]. If you prefer your player to be of the Soundcloud variety, then you'll find that [HERE], though it might not always be live.



01. Andrew Lang - Stark Light (Rusted Tone Recordings)
02. A Veil Of Water - I Walk With Ghosts (Hidden Vibes)
03. Endless Melancholy - Still (Hidden Vibes)
04. Gamardah Fungus - Life Long Journey (Hidden Vibes)
05. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - There Is One Of Which Your Never Speak (Artificial Pine Arch Manufacturing)
06. BMRN - Going Down Fighting (eilean rec.)
07. Brusgenerator - That Was Then, This Is Now (Whitelabrecs)
08. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Submerged (Self Released)
09. Penelope Trappes - Nervous (Houndstooth)
10. Jo Johnson - Discontent Arises From A Knowledge Of The Possible (Self Released)
11. Dag Rosenqvist - Leave Everything You Love Behind (Hidden Vibes)
12. Porya Hatami - Restless (DRONARIVM)
13. Domenique Dumont - Watching Boats Pass By (Leaf)
14. ZH2 - Ocean Waves (Self Released)
15. Jörgen Kjellgren - Evening Lul (Past Inside The Present)
16. Robert Cole Rizzi - Water Stream Skamling (Self Released)
17. Claire Deak - Dampen The Waves (Past Inside The Present)

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