Into The Ether (32)

16 June 2024


This one was number 32 in the 'Year of Music' series. It was posted a few day's after what would have been my Mum's Birthday, so the tracklist and feel of the mix reflects how things were feeling that week. The David Boulter track in particular, not just for some of the words within, but the track title too; I planted a Cherry Blossom tree for her where her ashes were scattered. Ironically, June 16th, the day I'm reposting is also a poignant day, for different reasons, but it's funny how these things are thrown up in life.

The new title I think reflects quite well the thoughts and feelings behind the selection. The definition of ether being "the clear sky; the upper regions of air beyond the clouds". The image is the same image used during the 'Year of Music' and is a photo taken from the banks of the Lac du Bourget at Aix les Bains in France. It's a beautiful part of the world where I had to have an emergency overnight stop because my bike was playing up during a tour in Europe in 2019. I hope to make it back one day, I was on my way to Grenoble and to take in the Combe Laval balcony roads, which I missed out on with bike troubles changing my plan. I love the light in the photo, but also the fact it's slightly out of focus, it all kind of ties in to me.

If you want to know more about the 'Year of Music' series, there's a little info on that [HERE]. If you prefer to use a Soundcloud player, then you'll find that [HERE] though the link might not always be live and you might need to just roll with the Hearthis player.



01. Yumiko Morioka - おだやかな海 (Métron Records)
02. Akira Ito - Praying For Mother Earth (Part 1) (Light In The Attic)
03. Andrew Wasylyk - Lost, Aglow (Athens Of The North)
04. Twigs & Yarns - Sanyu (eilean rec.)
05. Ishmael Ensemble - First Light (Severn Songs)
06. Snow Palms - You Are Here (Village Green)
07. David Boulter - The Cherry Blossom Tree (The Spoken Word)
08. Polaroid Notes - Oh Dear Heart (Büro für Erdrotation)
09. Scrimshire ft. Pie Eye Collective - Discussion (Albert's Favourites)
10. Green-House - Chysis (Leaving Records)
11. Chip Wickham - Astral Traveling (Gondwana Records)
12. Vega Trails - Tremors In The Static (Gondwana Records)
13. Susumu Yokota - Tears Of A Poet (Leaf)
14. The Green Kingdom - Sky Trails (Hidden Vibes)
15. Emantive - Dawn Child (Sunrise) (Jazzman)
16. Alice Coltraine - Prema (Antartica Starts Here)

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