Shades (48)

28 May 2024



Originally titled '48' in my 'Year of Music' series, I've given this one a the fresh title of 'Shades'. The cover image has also had a minor refresh to reflect the name change, but the photo used is the same as before.

I went with Shades because it covers a few points. First, look at the colours of those umbrellas, so many shades. Second; umbrellas, well they give you shade when the sun is shining. And lastly, the musical content is shades of jazz, mostly in the contemporary realm, but beautiful music to listen to and even more so if you are fortunate enough to be lazing under an umbrella at the poolside. The photo is from 2017 and is from a pedestrianised area of Bath in Somerset, a beautiful city and region of England.

If you want to find out more on the 'Year of Music series, you can find an explanation [HERE]. If you prefer a Soundcloud link, then you'll find that [HERE], though I'm not sure if that'll always stay active.



01. Rebecca Vasmant - Freefall (Rebecca's Records)
02. Josef Akin - Blue Brew (Sola Terra Records)
03. GoGo Penguin - The Letter (Gondwana Records)
04. Elan Mehler Quartet - Elvis Presley Blues (Brownswood Recordings)
05. Scrimshire ft. Idris Rahman - Love In Dreams (Albert's Favourites)
06. Spring Quintet - Raven, Raven, Raven (Part 3) (Whitelabrecs)
07. Mammal Hands - Transfixed (Gondwana Records)
08. Kuniyuki Takahashi - Before Creation (mulemusiq)
09. Tenderlonious - Seti Khola (22a)
10. Ishmael Ensemble ft. Yazz Ahmed - The River (Severn Songs)
11. Floating Points - Silhouette I, II & III (Pluto / Luaka Bop)



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