What Now? (Part 3)

1 December 2023


I am re-sharing the series of three 'What Now?' mixes today, the 1st of December, 2023, which is the third anniversary of my Mum's passing. It seemed fitting to reshare these mixes today and I think that it's best to listen to these mixes in the order they were created and to read the initial post too. This mix was recorded live and unplanned on 29th December, 2021.

You can find Part 1 [HERE] and you can find Part 2 [HERE].

As usual, I have linked up the tracklist as best as I can so that you can pick up any of the music you might want for your own collection.




D. Rothon - The Ghost We Bring (Clay Pipe Music)
Glacis - You Are Born (Preserved Sound)
Hania Rani - Ghosts - from Pradziady (Gondwana Records)
Cass. - Let's Keep Us Close Until We Die (ft. Altars Altars) (Home Normal)
Amanda Whiting - Gone (Jazzman)
Laraaji - Illusion Of Time (Ahead Of Our Time)
Greg Foat - Motherly Love (Strut)
Trigg & Gusset - Blue Shades (Preserved Sound)
Andrew Wasylyk - Avril Hydrangeas (Clay Pipe Music)
ambientsketchbook - Life's Greatest Questions (Self Released)
Good Weather For An Airstrike - All Is Lost (ft. Jamie Brett) (Hawkmoon Records)
Ezra Feinberg - Letter To My Mind (Related States)
Kryshe - Fragile (Serein)
José González - Head On (Imperial)
Leifur James - Time (Night Time Stories)
Phi-Psonics - Mama (Nightnote Records)
Slow Meadow - Tethered To The Earth (Self Released)
Luke Howard Trio - A Plane Of Becoming (Hobbledehoy)
Matthew Halsall - Reflections (Gondwana Records)
Penguin Cafe - Protection (Erased Tapes)
Portico Quartet - Gateway (Gondwana Records)
The Cinematic Orchestra - Wait For Now / Leave The World (Ninja Tune)
Thomas Méreur - Left Behind and Irretrievably Lost (Preserved Sound)
The Search Party - So Many Things Have Got Me Down (Ole Smokey Instrumental Edit)


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