Off The Cuff

30 November 2023


This mix from around 2012 was the first of a series of mixes I opted to call 'Off The Cuff'. They were exactly that, unplanned and spontaneous mixes that I recorded on the spur of the moment. Unfortunately I forgot to take note of the tracks I used, and although I've filled in the blanks fairly well, there are still a few missing... if anyone listens and recognises the missing tracks, please drop me a line and let me know! 




Mosca - Murderous (Hypercolour Records)
Borrowed Identity - Stimulation (Foul & Sunk)
KiNK - Express (Rush Hour)
Sons Between Guns - 9 Miles Down a Black Line (Silent Dust Remix) (R-Lo)
Unknown - Unknown
Nacho Marco - Game On (Ooft! Remix) (Lovemonk)
Unknown - Unknown
Last Mood - Warehouse (Elef Remix) (Dirt Crew Recordings)
PBR Streetgang - At Dez (20:20 Vision)
Unknown - Unknown
Motor City Drum Ensemble - Prayer (Faces Records)
Unknown - Unknown
Maricopa - Interstate (Tusk Wax)
Depth Charge - Sex, Sluts & Heaven (D.C. Recordings)


Hearthis (D/L Available)

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