What Now? (Part 2)

1 December 2023


I am re-sharing the series of three 'What Now?' mixes today, 1st December, 2023, which is the third anniversary of my Mum's passing. I think that it's best to listen to these mixes in the order they were created and to read the previous post too.

You can find Part 1 [HERE] and you can find Part 3 [HERE].

As usual, I have linked up the tracklist as best as I can so that you can pick up any of the music you might want for your own collection.



Polaroid Notes - Close To Heaven (Whitelabrecs)
Mathieu Karsenti - Time To Go (Slowcraft Records)
Hector Plimmer - Joyfulness (Alexa Harley's Acapella Rework) (Albert's Favourites)
Abstract Aprils - Falling Falling Falling (Self Released)
One Million Eyes - Eustress (A Strangely Isolated Place)
Peter Broderick - A Year Without Summer (Erased Tapes)
Greg Foat - After The Storm (Strut Records)
Ben Lukas Boysen - Kenotaph (Erased Tapes)
Hania Rani - Leaving (Gondwana Records)
Andrew Wasylyk - A Further Look At Loss (Athens Of The North)
Julianna Barwick - Healing Is A Miracle (Ninja Tune)
Thinnen ft. Olga Wojciechowska - Memories (Self Released)
Nat Birchall - A Prayer For (Gondwana (CD) / Jazzman (LP))
Alice Coltrane - Prema (Antartica Starts Here)
Mammal Hands - Solitary Bee (Gondwana)
Katya Yonder - Mood (Méteron Records)
Hampshire & Foat - End Song (Athens Of The North) 


Download via Hearthis.

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