Flashback (29)

22 June 2024


Things take a wild turn from the previous post to this one, from experimental electronica and ambient, into banging techno. This mix was formerly titled '29' but is now 'Flashback' and it has a completely new cover too.

Let's address the new title first. Flashback is not only a nod to the classic Laurent Garnier track that I used in this mix, it also alludes to the fact that techno was a very big part of my musical tastes over the years, granted it's not been so much a part of my playlists in more recent times, but from the early 90's and for a good 20 years or so, it was a big part of what I listened to. Techno is quite a wide ranging genre, so as mentioned, artists and DJ's like Laurent Garnier and Carl Craig who moved between techno, detroit techno, house etc, to artists like The Prodigy or Daft Punk, all probably viewed a bit more commercially these days, and many names in between - Pullen, Cox, Landstrumm, Vogel, Bolland, Slam, Green Velvet... the list could go on and on. That's before you even debate whether music in the Scottish hardcore scene was techno or not, guys like Ultra-Sonic and labels like Club Scene, or the Euro scene with labels like Bonsai. As I said, the word techno covers a lot of ground, at least in my mind. So, yeah, a techno mix that felt like I was having a bit of a flashback to a harder and more intense sound than I'd been listening to, but all a part of trying to raise funds for charity during my 'Year of Music' series.

So, having thrown out some names in this post and putting the point over that I didn't just jump on Beatport (though for the sake of easiness most links below are to Beatport) and hit up the top 10 techno tracks, that I have some history of listening to and enjoying techno it's at this point I confess I had never done a proper techno mix, not in my own understanding of the word anyway. I've skirted around the edges with tech-house and electro that some might class as techno, but not quite for me. So, this was, I think, my first techno mix. Unplanned and done live, in one take, as all the mixes are. If there are mistakes or glitches, they remain in there. So, posted as it happened, but know that fun was had making it.

The cover as I mentioned is new, it's a combination of Ai and some my own bits and pieces, which I've enjoyed playing around with. Loosely linking into the title, with Flashback to how robots and artificial intelligence were perceived in years gone by.

As I always mention on the 'Year of Music' posts, you can find out what all the was about over [HERE] and if you prefer a Soundcloud player, you can find that [HERE], though I'm not sure if that link will always work, I'm struggling to make my mind up about the platform I want to use going forward, with cost playing a bigger part in my thinking than engagement, especially as that's decreased so much in recent years. It'll be what it'll be.



01. The Burrell Connection - Acid Rapids (Craigie Knowes)
02. Confidential Recipe - BLP1 (RSPX)
03. Kontal - Discord (Setaoc Mass Rework) (Revolt)
04. Drunken Kong - Spark (Tronic)
05. Christian Smith - Turn The Lights (Alessandro Grops Remix) (Tronic)
06. Danniie - Desordem (Primitive State Records)
07. Risa Taniguchi - This Guy (Kneaded Pains)
08. Drunken Kong - Ichi (Tronic)
09. Aiken - Drive Unit (Non Series)
10. Stefan Vincent - Renunciation (Symbolism)
11. Linear System - Static Position (Illegal Alien Recordings)
12. Keith Carnal - Ape Shit Crazy (Bpitch)
13. Laurent Garnier - Flashback (F Comms)
14. Flug - The Punisher (DCLTD)

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