To Rise & Fall (28)

28 June 2024



This mix was  #28 in the 'Year of Music' series, it's now got a new title and cover image. I went with the title 'To Rise & Fall' because there's an elemental / water theme unintentionally running through parts of the mix, but when I thought about it I like the simile of the ocean rising and falling through tidal movements and the similarities in many ways to life itself. Ups and downs, movement that happens (often) without much control.

If you want to know what the 'Year in Music' I mentioned was about, then you can find an little individual post on that [HERE]. If you like your music via Soundcloud, then there's a link for you [HERE], though I might not always keep that account active due to costs. We'll see.



01. Emily A. Sprague - Water Memory Poem (Rvng Intnl)
02. Phi-Psonics - First Step (Nightnote Records / Gondwana)
03. Alif Tree - Rain River (Compost)
04. Melissa Pons - Around The Water (Self Released)
05. Colorlist - Where Will We Go (Serein)
06. Olga Wojciechowska - Lazy Indifference (Time Released Sound)
07. Damm - Just In The Moment (A Strangely Isolated Place)
08. Alfa Mist - Mulago (Sekito)
09. Andrew Wasylyk - Awoke In The Early Days Of A Better World (Athens Of The North)
10. ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ - Paus (141201) (Omena Ltd)
11. Tenderlonious - Journey To Thra (22a)
12. Max Ananyev - Proportion & Reaction (Whitelabrecs)
13. Sofie Birch ft. Nana P - Observatory (intercourse)
14. Chocolate Weasel - The Nonsensical Rambling Of A Lunatic Mind (Ninja Tune)



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