To Be Seen (49)

26 May 2024


This mix was number 49 in the 'Year of Music' series. It's leans into abstract, ambient, field recordings and touches into contemporary spiritual jazz with Nala Sinephro.

I've renamed this mix 'To Be Seen', as with the previous post I think it carries more than one meaning. There's a personal aspect to that, but also an aspect in relation to the cover image. On that point, the cover has been altered from the original but uses the same photo and is not too far from the original. It's a photo I took of some lilies at home and when I was re-doing the cover I was thinking about the reason flowers bloom the way they do, that it's natures way of being seen with colour, nectar and scent, attracting insects to pollinate, reproduce, produce fruits and so on. They do it to be seen.


If you would like to know more about the 'Year of Music' series I mentioned, there's a post about that [HERE]. If you prefer to use a Soundcloud link, that is [HERE] though it might not be open long term.




01. Endurance - Expanding Repetition (Muzan Editions)
02. Andy Rowe - Belgrade Central Market, September 2013 (Self Released)
03. Caught In The Wake Of Forever - NV Drowning (Archives)
04. Malibu - One Life (UNO)
05. Test Card - We Oscillated Like Grazing Sheep On Grassy Waveforms (Sound In Silence)
06. Green-House - Peperomia Seedling (Self Released)
07. Steve Roach - A Few More Moments (Telephone Explosion Records)
08. R_R_ - Melodic Harmony (Growing Bin)
09. Susumu Yokota - Saku (The Leaf Label)
10. Nala Sinephro - Space 1 (Warp Records)

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