... No One Listens (50)

25 May 2024


Originally titled '50' in my 'Year of Music' series. This mix was one of the more listened to mixes of the year, which came as a bit of a surprise to me, but probably down to the fact someone with a larger following shared it. Disappointingly it didn't lead to more engagement with the fundraising reason I was doing this, or with many of the other mixes I posted.

I've titled this '... No One Listens', for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's a line from the Fink track that appears in the mix - "No one hears if no one listens", and it feels kind of apt given how I look back on things. The cover image has been given a revamp too, though I have used the same photo that I used originally, which is of the Scott Monument in Edinburgh, taken from the North Bridge (I think).

I kind of struggle with the pigeon hole aspect of musical genres, the lines are forever becoming more blurred to me, but I'd put this in the realms of post-rock, alt, psychedelic, space rock and kosmiche.

If you want to learn more about what 'The Year of Music' was about, you can find out more [HERE]. If you prefer a Soundcloud link, you can find that [HERE].



01. The Sound Plays - Sea (Self Released)
02. Trees Speak - Crystal System (Soul Jazz Records)
03. Nicolas Jaar - Variations (Circus Company)
04. Fink - Covering Your Tracks (Late Night Tales)
05. Massimo Amato - 4am (Affordable Inner Space /
06. Agitation Free - Laila, Part II (Soul Jazz Records)
07. Commodity Place - Ahura Mazdâ (
08. Twisted Perspective - It Was November (Touched Music)
09. Fürsattl - Leerlauf (Claremont 56)
10. Torn Sail - Birds (Claremont 56)



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