The Heliotropic Effect (46)

29 May 2024


Still plugging away at giving my 'Year of Music' mixes a refresh. This was '46' which I've renamed 'The Heliotropic Effect'. As you'll notice if you follow the series, not all of the mixes are 'mixes', some are more of a selection than a mix and the genres do bounce around a little as I was trying to keep it varied and interesting for both myself and the listener. Churning out 52+ ambient or house mixes wouldn't have been as fun, though it would have been easier!

The reasoning behind the title is more linked to the cover image than the music, though I suppose you could tenuously link some of the lyrics in some tracks into it if you looked hard enough. The cover image is also different in that I've used the same photo that I originally used, just with a slightly different edit to it. The photo is taken near the banks of the River Don, just outside Inverurie in Aberdeenshire and it's a sea of Buttercups, which leads me back to the title.

In nature, heliotropism is the way certain plants follow the sun. Some open and close their petals with the sunshine, some tilt and turn to absorb or reflect the sunshine as the sun moves across the skyline - Buttercups fall into this category of plant. In people the heliotropic effect is essentially the same, looking for the light or the positive to be able to flourish and grow. Something that's not easy given the persistent negative news cycle that we are surrounded by, but at the same time we should still try and aim to.

If you would like to know what was behind the 'Year of Music' series you can find an explanation [HERE]. If you prefer to use Soundcloud, well you'll find it [HERE] though it might not always be there.



01. Terry Callier - Cotton Eyed Joe (Craft Recordings)
02. Bobby Wright - Blood Of An American (Melodies International) (Also on Floating Points - Late Night Tales)
03. Bobbie Gentry - God Bless The Child (UMC)
04. Aukai - Fled Away (Aukaimusic)
05. Hoover - Absolute Zero (Anthology Recordings)
06. WW Audio - Spanish Cafe Ambience
07. The Gentleman Losers - Ballad Of Sparrow Young (City Centre Offices)
08. Morrison Kincannon - I Believe That There's Good In This World (Spacetalk Records)
09. Field Recording - Thunderstorm
10. Lady Of The Sunshine - Lady Sunshine (Flock / PIAS)
11. Arooj Aftab - Mohabbat (New Amsterdam Records)
12. Field Recording - Thunderstorm
13. Irena & Vojtêch Havlovi - She Is Dissolving (Melody As Truth)
14. Beach Wizards - Midnight Waves (Tracy Island)
15. Jesse Aycock - First To Last (Scissor Tail)
16. Ane Brun - All My Tears (Balloon Ranger Recordings)
17. The Breath - Carry Your Kin (Acoustic Version) (Real World Records)
18. Karima Walker - Window I (Keeled Scales / Orindal)
19. Nina Simone - Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Music On Vinyl) (Also on Nils Frahm - Late Night Tales)



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