Progression (2010)

15 May 2024


It's been a week or so since my last (old) upload. For a change, the weather in the North East of Scotland has been really decent, so I've not been online very much, I've been trying to catch up with some outdoor jobs. The headspace hasn't been amazing and the body hasn't been great either, but I've pushed through and I'm still determined to stick with this. On the downside, I've ditched the Facebook page, have deleted my Tik Tok (only used for viewing really), and very much almost binned my Twitter and Tumblr, though I'm not using them much either. I've never really done social media well and it's been a long time since I managed the 'social' part of it. We keep going though.

It's in my thoughts to try and pull the Traktor out at some point. It's been about 15 months now since I even looked at it! The longest break I've had from putting a mix together. There's been a lot going on and the will hasn't been there, but I am mindful of the need to do things, whether I'm feeling it or not, to try and change the direction I've been in. We'll see, airing the thought might help me commit to it. As for the social media thing, it's probably best I just stick to having this corner of the web, it's tiring when you feel like you're failing.

I've put together a tracklist as best as my brain can manage. If you ID any missing links, please let me know and I'd be grateful to fill the blanks!



01. Saints & Sinners - Pushin' Too Hard (Nic Fanciullu Remix) (Bedrock Records)
02. Unknown
03. Di-rect - Times Are Changing ( Franky Rizardo Remix) (Sneakerz Music)
04. Alkalino - Pull You Through (Audaz)
05. Weekend Heroes - Sidewinder (Ticon Remix) (Iboga Records)
06. Chris Lake & Michael Woods - Domino's (Rising Music)
07. Unknown
08. KhoMha - Canicas (Enormous Tunes)
09. Unknown
10. Unknown
11. Faithless - Music Matters 2009 (Mark Knight Remix) (Toolroom)
12. Tim Royko - db (Royko Recordings)
13. Re-Ward & Dr Willis - Whatever (Reset Records)
14. Konstantin Yoodza - Xs (Tech It Recordings)
15. Unknown

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