Tech That 2: The Return Of Robot Williams

4 May 2024


The follow up to my previous post. I can't remember exactly (funnily enough Take That aren't on my raider when listening to music) but I think there were news headlines about Robbie Williams rejoining the group around the time. I just liked the play on words with my Tech That mix and this one seemed like an opportunity too good to miss.

This mix is from around 2010, and as with the other old mixes I'm posting, are only being shared via Hearthis. I've put the tracklist as best as I can from a combination of memory and Shazam, if there's any errors do let me know and I'll rectify it.



01. John Monkman - Technomancer (Ultradelux Records)
02. Don Ruijgrok - Decimated (Minus Mals Records)
03. Patrick Chardronnet - Boggler (Connoisseur Records)
04. Angy Kore - Erase (Self Released)
05. Daniel Half - It's Fucking Hollywood, What Can I Say? (Hamburg Aufnahmen)
06. Warmside - Pueblo (Coconut Palm)
07. Nick Tohme - Weirdo (Mystika Records)
08. Artem Vok - Intoxication (Silvana Records)
09. Butch - Apophis (Ramon Tapia Remix) (Sci + Tec)
10. Megatonic Boys - America (Veerus & Maxine Devine Remix) (Electrotunes)
11. Diagram Of The Heart - Dead Famous (Michael Woods Remix) (DJ Center Records)
12. Zebra Beatz - Zebra Acid (Acid Mix) (Steal My Oil)
13. Unknown
14. TV Rock - I Am Techno (Neon Records)

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