Banging Atoms (2009)

19 May 2024


Only a couple of these older mixes to go, then I get on with re-sharing the mixes I put together a couple of years ago when I put out a weekly mix as a challenge to myself and a means to try and raise some funds for the Sue Ryder charity. More on that when the time comes, I'm still not 100% sure on how I'll go about that.

This one hasn't been online for well over 10 years now. This one (and the next post) aren't really reflecting music I'd listen to now, and I'm not sure I was sold on it completely at the time either, I think I was just trying things out and having a little fun. I'm not sure most of the tracks on this (and the next) mix have aged well, but there are one or two in each that I still do really like. Anyway, it's all about keeping up with the plan of re-sharing the things I've done over the years.

The cover was this one has been re-done, still along the same lines of the original which was a full cover of the colourful part, and I used a different DJ name at the time, so I felt I needed to change that part for continuity purposes. The title refers to the fact that around the time of this, the Large Hadron Collider science project was making big news and the image was supposed to represent atoms crashing together - the full title was Banging Atoms and a tagline of DJ **previous pseudonym** In Charge of The Large Hadron Collider.  So, there you go, that's the back story to this.



01. Brabe - Grande Jatte (Robert Boogert Remix) (Electric Sushi)
02. Unknown
03. The Subs - Mitsubishi (Lektroluv)
04. Mixhell - Boom Da (Downtown Mix) (New Judas)
05. 6u5 - Burning (Fisio Feelkhenson Remix) (High Music Recordings)
06. Miike Snow - Black & Blue (Savage Skulls Remix) (Columbia)
07. Felix Cartal - Popular Music (Dim Mak Records)
08. Benny Benassi - Come Fly Away (ReepR Remix) (Unknown Label)
09. Ladybox - Cookies Fly (Party Like Us Records)
10. Mightyfools - Amsterdam (AC Slater Remix) (Venga Digital Recordings)
11. Congorock - Runark (His Majesty Andre's Growl Remix) (Fool's Gold)
12. Classixx & Villains ft. O8o - I'm On It (AC Slater Remix) (Villains Records)
13. Kid Cudi - Pursuit Of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix) (Unknown Label)
14. Kidda - Under The Sun (Herve's Ain't No Sunshine Remix) (Skint)



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