Monster Raving Loony Parties (2010)

19 May 2024


As with the last post (Banging Atoms), this is a kind of Electro House / Tech kind of mix. I think for the most part, apart from a track here or there, most of the tunes haven't aged well, they were kind of their time. Some might disagree, and that's fair enough too, but as I mentioned in the previous post, I wasn't ever truly sold on a lot of the tunes in these mixes, it was mostly just experimenting with different genres for me and having a little fun using CDJ's.

The back story to the title and cover is that when this mix was done we (in the UK) were in the midst of an election period, which was unfortunately the beginning of the Tories grip over the levers of power that eventually led us to the shit show of Brexit amongst many other things. Monster Raving Loony Party is actually a fringe party / movement in the UK, so it was a play on that, raving / parties and the cover features the main players of Labour who lost the election, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats who were in a coalition during the term of that Parliament. It was a disaster that we'll be feeling the impact of for generations to come.




01. Kill Light - Always Wanted You Close (Cheaper Thrills)
02. Kyle Watson - Bouncing Purple Knickers (Unknown Label)
03. Viro & Roby Analyze - Oh My! (Marzetti Remix) (Starblocks Music)
04. Dopefish - Who Freaked Who (Electric Soulside Remix) (Dopefish Audio)
05. Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Look For The Woman (Fake Blood Remix) (Sunday Best Records)
06. Loops Of Fury - Get A Grip (Loops Of Fury Remix) (Grand Hotel Records)
07. Sidney Samson ft. Lady Bee - Shut Up & Let It Go (Chuckie Remix) (CR2 Records)
08. AD Cruze - House Muzik (Everybody's Talkin' Bout) (Adalogue Remix) (Digital Vinyl Recordings)
09. Rhythm Rockerz - Badman Sound (Filthy Bitch)
10. Little Boots - Remedy (A1 Bassline Get Hype Remix) (679)
11. The Bulgarian & A Girl With A Gun - Rocket Action Hero (I Heart Dance Rock)
12. Zoo Brazil - Tear The Club Up (dig dis!)
13. Drop The Lime - Devils Eyes (Diplo Way Too Long Mad Mix) (Trouble & Bass Records)
14. Them:Youth - Bow & Arrows (Vandal Vocal Mix) (Benefit Recordings)



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