Off The Cuff 4

19 May 2024


This is the last mix that I've got stored on my hard drive that I'll be sharing before I move on to focus on those "Year of Music" mixes that I put out weekly during 2022 as a means to try and raise some funds for the Sue Ryder charity. 

I do have a handful of other older mixes that I'd put together for other people over the years like promoters, label owners and others but I don't think I'm going to put those online because some hark back to times where, when I look back, I think I put my time and effort into things where people were taking advantage of me and I've felt foolish or disappointed in those moments.

This mix I honestly can't tell you much about. It was in my folder where I store all my own mixes but there was no title and I can't find the original date it was created on the file (it shows as more recent than most of the tracks on there), but I'd hazard a guess at being around 2017 or 2018. I'm pretty sure it's just a mix I recorded whilst having a little fun on my decks, so far that reason I've cobbled together a cover and I'm filing under another 'Off The Cuff' mix. Listening back to it, there's a lot of good tunes on it.



01. Henry Rodrick - Daybreak (Drum Spirit) (Omena)
02. Vangelis Katsoulis - Enigma (Young Marco Remix) (Into The Light Records)
03. Sombrero Galaxy - The Edge Of Space (Second Circle)
04. Norm De Plume - Rhythm & Sound (Plumage)
05. Mark E - Horn Jam (Merc)
06. Junktion - Breakfast At Midnight (Brame & Hamo Remix) (Outplay)
07. Saine - Scrabble (Sleazy Beats Black Ops)
08. Ugly Drums & Chesney - Well Well (Fifty Fathoms Deep)
09. Montreal Sound - Music (Eros Edit) (Eros)
10. Manfredas - Uumellmanhaye (Les Disques De La Mort)
11. Golden Ivy & Prins Emanuel - Mystic Trip (Fasaan Recordings)
12. Daniel Leseman - On The Fritz (Outplay)
13. Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold - Fishpowder Dance (Love Circle)
14. WU15 - The Anthem (Eglo Records)
15. Mutual Attraction - Lost Tape (Nous)
16. Unknown
17. Moscoman - Nobody Else (ESP Institute)
18. Cottam - Breaking Through The Pain Barrier (Versatile Records)



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