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6 February 2024


This was a guest 'mix' I was asked to do for Mark Gardner (aka Strange Cargo) back in 2019. The concept of this being as if it were being recorded to a 90 minute cassette tape - this idea was very much up my street because that's my era. If any young folk should happen upon this post, that's a cassette in the cover image, you could have 45 minutes on each side, you couldn't skip, though you could have your finger pressed equally on 'play' and 'fast forward' on some devices which would let you hear roughly where you were as you fast forwarded through the tape. Sometime, the actual tape would get chewed up by the player, if you were luck it didn't destroy the tape and you could rewind the tape into the cassette manually with your finger or a pencil. In a lot of ways, I love how we moved on in the digital world, but the physical aspect of media, whether newspaper, cassette, video, cd, vinyl and all that came with it feels like a lost experience. Everything is convenient and instant these days, which is great, but I can't help but miss some aspects and of course, I don't particularly trust these big companies to give us good value as the digital only era starts to really bite... you just need to look at the price of digital games as an example of where we're headed. Anyway..... I've digressed massively.

Back to the concept behind this. It was meant to be one side (45 minutes) with a light theme and the other side leaning into the darker side. I'm not sure I really achieved that, but the listener can decide for themselves. This came about at a really busy time for me, there was a huge amount going on with my Mum and I was loosely thinking about heading off on my bike for a tour around Europe on my own. That was daunting and extremely they all have been! Literally deciding to go on the morning I leave and just going with the flow. As it turned out, I was staying in an amazing hotel on the border between Switzerland and Germany, called the Eckert, well worth a visit and the food is a real amazing experience, and of course, you're on the doorstep of the most beautiful areas in mainland Europe!

For the cover image, I've gone with my own design. The original was really just an advert for the show, that's been and gone a long time now, so I've allowed myself to put my own spin on it. 


I'm quite sure I could have been a bit more focussed with this post, but anyway, on to the music.




Light - A-side

Good Weather For An Airstrike - Mesopelagic (Self Released)
Levi Patel - As She Passes (Nocturne) (Self Released)
Hampshire & Foat - The Promise (Athens Of The North)
Lani Hall - Sun Down (A&M Records)
Aktuala - Dejanira (Bla Bla)
Alela Diane - Lady Divine (Rough Trade)
Joseppa & Musyl - Follow Me (Eskimo Recordings)
Deodato - Also Sprach Zarathustra (Columbia)
Family Four - En Hast Utan Namn (Eskimo Recordings)
Master Phil - Waporday (Dreamtime Records)
David Axelrod - Fantasy For Ralph (Mo Wax)
Alice Clark - Looking At Life (BGP Records)


Dark - B-side

Ralf Hildenbeutel - Promenade (An Unpleasant Dream) (Touched) - Proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Research
The Green Kingdom - Momentary (Rusted Tone Recordings)
Kutiman - Line 1 (Siyal Music)
Hampshire & Foat - Rain Clouds (Athens Of The North)
Mason Proffit - Everybody Was Wrong (Ole Smokey Edit) (Self Released)
Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound Of Silence (T2MM Edit) (Self Released)
Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky (Red Axes Remix) (Self Released)
Harry Nilsson - One (RCA Victor)
A Forest Mighty Black - Everything (Compost Records)
Leifur James - Mumma Don’t Tell (Late Night Tales)
Moby - Go (Solarno’s Lounge Attack Mix) (Self Released)



Download available via Hearthis


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