Be Kind

6 February 2024



There's a couple of tracks I wish I hadn't used in this mix, and a few that I wish I had. That's the nature of recording mixes without planning them in advance, or it is for me. I look back with a critical ear.  I think there's a good chance of a follow up to this at some point. The message in the cover is extremely important to me. There is far too much of all those words I nestled into the background in this world. If it wasn't true, then moments of kindness wouldn't be celebrated as they are, it would be accepted as the norm, and that's the direction we should be travelling, but instead we seem to be moving further away from that. Anyway, the emphasis is, Be Kind, find joy in simple things, move away from things in life that bring you or others down. It's a start point and one I need to look to myself.



01. Slow Meadow - Palemote (Self Released)
02. Fumio Miyashita - See The Light (Abridged) (Light In The Attic)
03. A conversation with Rickie Lee Jones (Youtube)
04. Umber - All The Ships (Oxide Tones)
05. Birds Of Passage - On Our Hands (Dronarivm) - Proceeds go to Warchild
06. Caught In The Wake Of Forever - Faultless Youth Declined (Dronarivm) - Proceeds go to National Suicide Prevention Helpline
07. Weyes Blood - Everybody's Talking (Mexican Summer)
08. The Green Kingdom - Bell Garden (ambimix) (Rusted Tone Recordings)
09. candysomething - Sellotape (Self Released)
10. Levi Patel - Her Angled Beauty (Self Released)
11. Evan Bartholomew - Medicine / Healing (Newlands Music)
12. Good Weather For An Airstrike - Breathing (ft Inachus) (Hawkmoon Records)
13. William S. Fischer - Chains (Late Night Tales)
14. The Cinematic Orchestra - To Believe (Ninja Tune)
15. Hampshire & Foat - The Solitude Of Certitudes (Parts 1 & 2) (Athens Of The North)
16. Man Watching The Stars - Fields (Self Released)
17. Charles Bukowski on life
18. Agnes Obel - Poem About Death (Late Night Tales)
19. Endless Melancholy - In Transition From Anxiety To Acceptance (Dronarivm)
20. Jonathan Fitoussi - Aquarius (Further Records)
21. Katarzyna Borek - Uranus for Craig Armstrong (Weather Storm) (BITTT)


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