The Drifter

6 February 2024


A guest selection for Salvatore Muscat, aka Sequenchill. A man with a huge Mixcloud following and regularly putting out great musical selections. I really liked how this one turned out and it seemed to be well received at the time. I think I've only done one more guest mix since then though, so perhaps it's just good to my ears in reality 😂 Just as an FYI... I had no idea that I'd used a few tracks from the same label until I came to link them up. I often forget what labels things are on, tracks are organised by genre for me, so it was coincidental and shows the label picked some great music!

The cover image is a photo I had taken a year or two earlier when I was on a camping / biking trip to the North West of Scotland. The title refers to how I felt at the time, like life was just drifting, not really under my control. It still does, but I'm working on it.



01. SoundStory - Rainstorm (Field Recordings)
02. Max Ananyev - Laurel Forest (Serein)
03. Slow Meadow - Ghosts In The Brazos (Self Released)
04. Seabuckthorn - The Observatory (eilean rec.)
05. Tess Said So - Black Light (Preserved Sound)
06. Scrimshire - Won't Get Better (Rebecca Vasmant Remix) (Albert's Favourites)
07. Kryshe - Queen's Court (Serein)
08. Ishmael Ensemble - Song For Knotty (Banoffee Pies)
09. Greg Foat - Driftin' (Athens Of The North)
10. Brambles - Aréte (Serein)
11. Colourist - Where Will You Go? (Serein)
12. Copenema - Some Di Some Day (Music For Dreams)
13. Mammal Hands - Three Good Things (Gondwana Records)
14. Lowercase Noises & Blurstem - Ochre (Self Released)
15. Foundsounds - Relaxing Rain & Loud Thunder (Self Released)
16. Kettenkarussell - Drift (Giegling)

Download available via Hearthis


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