Tribal Rhythms

7 January 2024


No great back story to this, it's just a mix from 2010. At the time I was full of ideas and (naively) optimistic about what might become of the blog. That period was about building content and I was on a mission to put mixes out across lots of genres and styles that reflected music I enjoyed, whether that be for making mixes, or in terms of listening to myself. This mix is firmly in the realms of House music and I felt it had a strong percussive element throughout the mix. I'm not sure if it's Tribal House or not, I get lost in the myriad of genres and sub-genres, but I leaned on that feeling for the cover and title, and actually, I don't think it turned out too bad.




01. Buraka Som Sistema - Aqui Pra Voces (Mastiksoul Mix) (Enchufada)
02. Firebeatz - Beatboxa (Big & Dirty)
03. Riva Starr - Maria (Snatch)
04. Phil Fuldner & Ian Pooley - La Mania (David Herrero Mix) (Vendetta)
05. Freakme - Baia (Symphonic)
06. Starkillers ft. Disco Dollies - Get Up (Austin Leeds Mix) (Nervous Inc)
07. Romano Alfieri & Luca Bear - Love U (Break New Soil)
08. Shab Ruffcut - Lord (it_tizz Recordings)
09. Diegopericles & Skills - Fantastic (Younan Music)
10. Algorhythm - U Can (Samuele Buselli Mix) (Uknown Label)
11. Zack Marullo - Pumpydum (Domyan Remix) (Soundtribe)
12. Moh - Munich (Rampa Remix) (Ground Factory)
13. Sabb - Cadence (Federico Locchi Mix) (Rawfentic Music)
14. Kevin Call a.k.a DJ Njoz - Tribaliscus (Unknown Label)


Download available via Hearthis 



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