7 January 2024



This one goes way back to 2006 and I think this is the first mix I recorded to a PC and not to a 90 minute tape. I only have one (maybe two) other mix(es) saved that are older than this, from around 2003/4. I'm not sure I have it digitised, though if I do, I'll upload it at some point. One of my regrets is that I did not save tapes from the mid-90's until the digital world started to take over as the new norm. I used to drag my decks around with me to friends houses, or the occasional pub where we'd take over a back room for the night and I'm sure some of those would be great fun to listen back to now.


Anyway, as I say, this mix was from around 2006, the image is also from that year and is an edit of a photo I took from my hotel room in New York. I had a bit of a thing for mashing words it seems. Chillcklectica was really a merging of Chill & Eclectic and there's not much more to it than that. I kept that approach even beyond the creation of this blog in 2009 when the name 'Mixamorphosis' came into being Mix + Metamorphosis = what has been since. I've edited the image to reflect the name of the blog just to keep the continuity, it used to be Mark Em-sea... pre-mixamorphosis days.

The mixing maybe isn't great in parts, I was using a pair of Technics 1210's and an early CDJ, I really can't remember the model or what the mixer of the time was, but I think it might have been a Behringer.



1. Up, Bustle & Out - Rain In Tibet (Ninja Tune)
2. London Funk Allstars - Listen To The Beat (Ninja Tune)
3. Luke Vibert - Get Your Head Down (Ninja Tune)
4. The Nomad - Once Again (Sugarlicks)
5. Rhian Sheehan - Garden Children (Loop)
6. The William Caslon Experience - Valis (Upstairs Recordings)
7. Referencered - Evening Plower (Pork)
8. Trabant - Happy Sunny Song (TMT Entertainment)
9. Swayzak with Benjamin Zephaniah - Illegal (Bigga Bush Version) (Medicine Label)
10. The Black Seeds - What We Need (Rhian Sheehan's Selenophobia Mix) (Loop)
11. UNKLE - Back & Forth (Mo Wax)
12. Platnum - Greatest (Sonar Kollektiv)
13. Fila Brazillia - Lullaby Berkowitz (Twentythree Records)
14. Beck - Nobody's Fault But My Own (Geffen)
15. Honey Czars & Verbrilli - Alucidations (Lucid Dream Mix) (Upstairs Recordings)
16. Fat Freddy's Drop - Hope For A Generation (The Drop)


Download available at Hearthis 



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