Hypnotic Groove Guest Mix 10

8 January 2024


Where to start with the back story to this? Well, I've been friends with Johnny for around 20 years, maybe 21, struck up by some vinyl sales through Ebay and then realising he lived quite locally at the time, I offered to drop some records off to him and save on postage, the rest is history, as they say.

A long time before this blog, or Hypnotic Groove came into being, I remember trying to coax Johnny into sharing mixes online... he was very reluctant. We'd chat about it on AOL / MSN messenger, I remember trying to guide him through the process of setting up Audacity, how to share mixes and the upload options etc. It was a little like the blind leading the blind because I was very new to it all too but he's come a very long way since. 

Just as things started going downhill here, the impact of dealing with the care system setting in, Johnny set up a mix series alongside his amazing partner in crime Andrea. When he asked me to put a mix in during the early stages, of course it was a no brainer. Over the course of the 10 years things for Johnny and Andrea have went from strength to strength... festival dates, a label, club nights, radio spots and even a cameo on the tv! What a wonderful pair they make and hopefully their enthusiasm and commitment holds with HG for many more years to come.

From what I know, the club nights are on a wee break, but HG are still promoting music and putting the occasional mix up on their Soundcloud and Facebook. There's a huge amount of content on their Soundcloud, so if DJ mixes is your thing, it's worth a dig around. 

I've given the cover image a very gentle refresh. The photo is mine, from New York around 2006. 

A wee side note on guest mixes. I like to post guest mixes I've done from my own Soundcloud etc for the sake of continuity. I share the posts from the people I've contributed to for the first year or so, but then I like to put it on my own page. In the past I've done things for people who then delete the mixes, or their account disappears. This way, the mixes I've done stay for as long as I do and I don't have random mixes vanishing off the blog.

As another wee side note... listening back, I still love a lot all of these tracks and I think this probably deserved more attention than it had; though what do I know? I do know that I feel like pulling the decks out! Maybe for another day.



01. KiNK - Psychefunk (Kolour Recordings)
02. Shur-I-Kan - Jazz Club (Max Graef Remix) (Eleflight)
03. Dmitriy Samoylenko - Taste Of Namelessness (Sound Gypsy's Warehouse Mix) (Dobara)
04. Fever Ray - Keep The Streets Empty For Me (Norman White & Select Private Remix) (Unknown Label)
05. 10,000 Sounds Project - Artificial (Bonzai)
06. No Regular Play - Endangered Species (S22 Edit) (Unknown Label)
07. Simian Mobile Disco - Snake Bile Wine (Delicacies)
08. Pional - It's All Over (Locked Groove Rendition) (Hivern Discs)
09. Gemini Bros. - Jocko (DJ Rocca Erodiscomix Dub) (ISM Records)
10. Headman - It Rough (Chicken Lips Remix) (Gomma)
11. Hundred 20 - Upper Alley (MCDE Recordings)
12. MDVS - Brekkie Of Champions (Nulabel)
13. Pettre - La Verdad Flota (Hivern Discs)
14. Konstantin Sibold - Madeleine (Innervisions)
15. KiNK - Trevoga (Kolour Recordings)
16. Paranoid London - Paris Dub 2 (Demo) (Delsin)


Download available via Hearthis



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