On Vacation 2

5 January 2024



This mix was put together as a place holder for my blog and social media whilst I went off on a wee holiday, I think in late 2013. The mix was live and unplanned, and it was my first time using a new mixer, so bear that in mind. The cover image is an edit of a photo I took at Universal Studios in Florida and it is of the Harry Potter castle.

A lot of the tracks in this mix are edits so before even looking, I know they are going to be nearly impossible to find for the most part, but I'll link up any that I can find.



1. Bon Iver - Wolves (Kll Thm Wth Clr Remix) (Self Released)
2. 12TTB - Untitled (Unknown Label)
3. Bjork - Come To Me (Phoenix Re-Work) (Not On Label)
4. Jona Saucedo - Just Kickin' It (Unknown Label)
5. Marti Caine - Love The Way (Micamino Edit) (Self Released)
6. Gil Scott Heron - Angel Dust (Karim's Mixamorphosis Edit) (Not On Label)
7. The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 (Out Of The Basement Edit) (To Rack & Ruin)
8. Bobby Womack - Nobody Want's You When You're Down And Out (Matthew Kyle Edit) (Not On Label)
9. Boule Noire - Aimes-tu La Vie Comme Moi (The Noodleman Dub) (Not On Label)
10. Brendon P - Mo' Lovin' (Los Grandes)
11. Chante Moore - Love's Taken Over (Bydesign Edit) (Self Released)
12. Sylvia Striplin - You Can't Turn Me Away (Edit) (Unknown Label)


Download available at Hearthis


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