My Favorite Things (again!)

5 January 2024


Excuse the blowing of my own trumpet here... this is one of my favourite mixes that I've done and it was probably my most favourite night spent on the internet, logged into the chat room and hearing what people thought. If could rewind to this time and do a few things differently, there is no question that choices would be made. That said, it was a moment, I remember it fondly and I'm grateful for that in itself.


The tracklist is linked up as well as I can, you might need to dig around for a couple if you want them for yourself.



01. Campion - Anything (Los Grandes)
02. Softmore - Peace With You (In The Woods)
03. Billy W - Limits (Young Robots)
04. Kitano - Republic (Kolour Recordings)
05. Colm K - Nothing (Bastard Jazz Recordings)
06. Soul Minority - Beautiful Dark Skin (Kolour Recordings)
07. The Lady Blacktronica - Black Girl (Slo Mo Mix) (Sound Black Recordings)
08. Jad & The Ladyboy - Time For Love (Chopshop Music)
09. DJ Rocca - Complotto Geometrico (Andrew Weatherall Remix) (Nang)
10. Max Ferdinand - Trouw (Jan Van Der Lugt Remix) (Big Flu)
11. Clouded Vision - City Thunder (Throne Of Blood)
12. Wool - Squares (Plant)
13. Pional - In Another Room (Hivern Discs)
14. Paskal & Urban Absolutes - Need Love (Farside)
15. Mari0 - Tales From The North (SoundSam Norwegian Woods Remix) (Unknown Label)
16. Paskal - I Love You (Deeper Meaning)
17. L.B. Bad - Just Don't Stop (Larhon Records)
18. Steve Tang - Brink Of Dawn (Smallville Records)
19. Mental - I Want To Know Where Dub Is (Primitive Sounds)

Download available at Hearthis


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