Off The Cuff 2

6 January 2024


This mix was recorded on Christmas Eve in 2013. It originally had a cover that reflected the time of year, so I've given the cover a refresh in keeping with the other 'Off The Cuff' mixes I have online. Essentially these are just mixes that I've put no thought into in the slightest... I hit record and post what comes out. What made this slightly different is it was only my second time using a new mixer.

From memory, most of the tracks on this were vinyl only at the time, so the links below might be weighted towards Discogs, but if there are digital options I'll post them instead.



1. Jamie L - Something Better (Better Days Dub) (Paper Recordings)
2. Dusty Springfield - Baby Blue (DJ Steef Edit) (Biomix)
3. Ben La Desh - Bohican Bossa (Sleazy Beats Black Ops)
4. North Pollard - Never Gonna Let You Dub (Audio Parallax)
5. Ernestine Ross - Brown Baby (G.A.M.M)
6. Psychemagik - Feelin' Love (Self Released)
7. Talking Heads - Burning Down The Vcid House (Lvte Nite Tuff Guy Remix) (Tugboat Edits)
8. Cain - People Get Real (Horn Wax)
9. Cos/Mes - Natural Lifespan (Prins Thomas Remix) (ESP Institute)
10. Maricopa - Aurora (Tusk Wax)
11. Pino Donaggio - Body Double (DJ Steef Edit) (Biomix)


Download available via Hearthis 



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