A Bit Rusty

4 January 2024


The title for this one ' A Bit Rusty ' came about because I hadn't been using the decks for several months and Johnny Burns at Box Frequency FM had asked me for a new mix for his My Favorite Things Radio Show. This was a practice run of 'hit record and see what happens', some of the mixes aren't as tight as I'd like, but it's not terrible either, and some great tunes in here so decided to post it. 

The cover image 'M' was in the style of the very first set of graphics I used on this blog, I just chopped the 'M' out of the old header and added a little rusting effect to it. So, there you have it, an off the cuff mix and a graphic recycled from 2009. The 'Speak & Spell' intro wasn't me trying to be clever, it was a workaround for the old copyright detection system Soundcloud had in place for a period where DJ mixes were getting removed very regularly and out of the norm intros helped evade detection.

I've linked the tracklist up as best I can, some of the tracks were vinyl only, some I just can't find anywhere so you might need to dig around for them should you want them for yourself.



1. Sly One - Come To Mine (Shifting Peaks)
2. Angelo Montesu - Flute On (Unknown Label)
3. Deetron - Can't Love You Know More (Music Man Records)
4. Francis Inferno Orchestra - Amber Express (Drumpoet)
5. Jon Charnis - Prophecy (Innervisions)
6. Black Merlin - 22:05 (World Unknown)
7. The Coober Pedy University Band - Moon Plain (Soft Rocks Acperience) (Kinfolk)
8. Konstantin Sibold - Madeleine (Innervisions)
9. Norwell - Expose (Applescal Remix) (Box Records)
10. DJ Tennis ft. Pillowtalk - The Outcast (Kompakt)
11. Kepikei - Nevermind The XXX (Sonic District)
12. Coma - My Orbit (Dauwd Mix) (Kompakt)
13. Morphosis - Wild In Captivity (Delsin / M>O>S)
14. Andy Blake - Haunted Mechanism (World Unknown)


Download available via Hearthis



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