Dubble The Pleasure

2 January 2024



This mix was made around 2007 (I think) and was really just about trying to make use of the music in my collection and share some music that I love, which isn't all about the dancefloor, though no doubt there's a dancefloor (or dancehall) that it would work for. Some of the mixing isn't as clean as I'd like, there's a couple of glitches in the recording too and the sound quality isn't the best in parts; I toyed with the idea of not posting this, but I think I'm just going to leave it up, there's some really great tunes on here. 

Regarding the sound quality, this was fairly early days for me recording mixes using a PC and software, so I was still learning about recording levels via digital means. It was also one of the few mixes I've got from my time with the Technics SLDZ1200 CD turntables and the SHMZ mixer, both great bits of kit, really under-rated and I'm surprised that they didn't do as well as CDJ's.

The artwork has had a refresh for this mix, which as I've said in earlier posts, I'm going to do for some of the artwork I'm not so keen on. The title 'Dubble The Pleasure' and the artwork are both a nod in the direction of the reggae and dub influences that runs through this mix.



01 - Mad Professor vs Massive Attack - Radiation Ruling The Nation (Wild Bunch Records)
02 - Massive Attack - Protection (Wild Bunch Records)
03 - Lightning Head - Stilla Move (Tru Thoughts)
04 - Boozoo Bajou ft. Joe Dukie - Take It Slow (Sonar Kollektiv)
05 - Cornerstone Roots - Forward Movement (Loop Recordings)
06 - Fat Freddy's Drop - Ray Ray (The Drop)
07 - S. Matthewman - Tempest Dub (Best Seven)
08 - Burning Spear - Civilized Reggae (Island Records)
09 - Melasse - Soulmap (Best Seven)
10 - Cody ChesnuTT - Serve This Royalty (One Little Indian)
11 - Confucius - A Drive Out East (Loop Recordings)
12 - Taxi - A Certain Something (Infracom)
13 - The Nomad - Look Around (Loop Recordings)
14 - Paul St. Hilaire - Custody (False Tuned)
15 - Horace Andy - After All (Melankolic)

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