On Vacation 1

1 January 2024


Happy New Year! Now the formalities and the festive period are out the way, I'm back to my project of reposting my mixes to the blog, upscaling and updating some covers that I'm not keen on and eventually renaming some of the ones from the year of mixes I posted throughout 2022 when raising funds for Sue Ryder. During that year, I just named by numbering the mixes, hoping the vagueness would encourage some inquisitiveness and therefore help the project along.  I'm not sure it worked as intended, interest was generally limited and although I don't expect that to change (and I'm fine with that - I'm not chasing anything anymore), I think it would be good to perhaps give the mixes more meaningful titles and perhaps mix up the covers etc. That's the thoughts, we'll see how it goes.

I've also got some older mixes, most in the form of electro-house-tech stuff, I'm not sure they're great to be honest, and perhaps the tunes haven't aged well, but I'm thinking that I should have all mys things online. Whether I add new mixes down the line depends how I'm feeling, but at least having my own space online with all the wee bits and bobs I've done over the years was the loose goal I had in mind. Again, let's see how that goes.

This mix I'm posting today is from around 2010 and one that I actually still really like, that's quite rare. The title came from the fact that I was heading away on holiday to America for a couple of weeks. I wouldn't normally use the Americanism 'vacation' but the fact I was going there (I felt) gave me some artistic (hah!) license. The image used came from my first overseas holiday as an adult when in 2006 I visited Los Angeles, and this was taken at Disneyland. On Vacation turned into a bit of series, where I would post a mix before heading on holiday, so there will be a few more to come down the line.

I'll link the tracklist as well as I can, but with there being a few edits in here, it might require you do some digging yourself if you want to track some of these down. The nature of edits was they often got pulled from the likes of Soundcloud where they'd have been sourced. The mix can be downloaded at Hearthis for a simple reshare.




01. Chris Carter - Moonlight (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix) (Optimo Music)
02. Zoo Look - Early Doors (Sccucci Manucci)
03. DJ Steef - Simply Beautiful (Superbreak)
04. Heion - Off (In The Woods)
05. Domes - Who Are You? (Unknown Label)
06. Matthew Kyle - Ain't No Love (Unknown Label)
07. Curtis Mayfield - Gimme your Love (78 Edits 'Gimme Some Dub' Remix) (Unknown Label)
08. Kastil - Baltimore Thunder (Editorial)
09. DJ Steef - Knucklebeat (Editorial)
10. SE62 - Wax Pencils (Home Taping Is Killing Music)
11. Duff Disco - Return Of The Duff (Duff Disco)
12. The Glue - Our Love Is An Edit [(Self Release / Free Download)
13. Carly Simon - Why? (Le Sale Dub Edit) (Unknown Label)
14. Sister Sledge - Let's Go On Vacation (Cotillion)

Download available via Hearthis


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