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30 November 2023


This mix is from 2012/13 or thereabouts. There's no back story to this, the title simply came from the fact that I hadn't been on my decks for a couple of months, I got the urge one evening, so I hit record and this was what came out the other end. The cover was pretty rushed and I've often thought about changing it, but I really love the text and the colour, so I've opted to leave it as it is.

As usual, I'll try and link the tracklist as best I can, but as with a lot of edit based/heavy mixes, a lot will have vanished over the years and might need a lot of digging to find, if they can be found at all.




Teslaboy – In Your Eyes (Volta Cab Mix) (Self Released)
Deadly Sins - I Can Feel It (Original Cuts)
Betty Wright - Slip & Do It (V Feels So Good Edit) (Vehicle)
Janefondas – Forbidden Love (Janefondas Edit)
Rocco Raimundo - Give Me Your Love (House Of Disco)
LTJ - Turn Me On (Hot Groovy)
KC & The Sunshine Band – I Get Lifted (Cilly Pilly Edit)
Craig Hamilton - Lay It Down (Flatpack Traxx)
Dynamicron - Never Ever (Dynamicron Romanticron Edit)
Session Victim - Time To Let You Down (Delusions Of Grandeur)
Leon - Nice To Meet You (Dave Allison Remix) (Timewarp)
Nicholas - Can You Understand? (No More Hits)
The Noodleman - Goin’ Down (Goin’ Down) (Editorial)
Frank Booker - Boss (Sleazy Beats)
Sirarcusa - Streap-Tease in The Stars (The Way I Do) (Leng Records)


Hearthis (D/L Available)

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