In To The Deep

27 November 2023



No back story to this mix. It was just a mix I put together for fun, around about 2011 / 2012 in the realms of deep house.

You'll find the tracklist below the Soundloud player, linked up as best as I can for various sources where you can pick up the tracks for yourself.




1. Nils Penner - You Need To Know (Wazi Wazi)
2. Blondes - Water (Bicep Remix) (RVNG INTL)
3. Mic Newman - Knickerbocker (Tsuba)
4. Nicholas - All Night Long [Gerds Old School Remix] (4 Lux Recordings)
5. Chaos In the CBD - I’m Losing You (YounGunZ)
6. Claro Intelecto - Voyeurism (Delsin)
7. TJ Kong & Nuno dos Santos - Emerald Bay (Compost)
8. Vanessa Daou - Once In A While (Roberto Rodriguez aka Manolo Every Now And Then Mix) (KID Recordings)
9. Kyodai - Mi Rumba (Genius Of Time Remix) (Freerange)
10. Tiger Stripes - Crossroads (My Favourite Robot)
11. Finn Bell - Liike (Assembly)
12. Hard Ton - Not Again (Toy Tonics)
13. Bicep - Darwin (Retro & Grade Remix) (Throne Of Blood)
14. Flying White Dots - Little Fluffy Clouds
15. Bruce Springsteen - Missing (The Starkiller Remix) (Self Released)


Hearthis (D/L Available)


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