Smoking (No Smoking)

26 November 2023


During this process of re-populating the blog with music and mixes I expect I'll want to provide a little back story to some of the mixes. Not all of them have a story, some of them do, this one kind of follows on from the previous post.

I started smoking at around 14 years old. One of the worst decisions I ever made, and made even more ridiculous by the fact that growing up I really hated smoking. My entire family were smokers, being stuck in smoke filled spaces growing up was not a pleasant place, and sadly not that uncommon for people in the 70's & 80's, and before of course. 

I was always on the periphery of things as a kid, certainly never in amongst the cool kids, and the cool kids all smoked. My cousin was more intent on trying to fit in to that crowd, I was more intent on just fitting in with my cousin, we were like brothers growing up. He started smoking, and one day encouraged me to, I did and that was that. 

When I stopped smoking pot, my cigarette intake increased, it was probably one of the things that helped me, bizarrely, but I knew stopping smoking was in my plans. Between the pot, and cigarettes, I hadn't ever played decks without one or the other, and much like the previous post where that was my first mix without pot in the background, this was my first mix after stopping smoking... hence the title. Smoking (No Smoking).

If anyone should stumble across this post be thinking about stopping smoking themselves, I say do it, 100%. Stopping is without the best thing you can do. My method of  stopping was around Christmas of 2010 I set myself a date of March 1st, that was my stop date. I thought about it often in between times, and I think that was an important part because it reinforced the idea over a period of time. Come the morning of March 1st, I was worried about trying to stop, it had been almost 20 years, and I was almost talking myself out of even trying, but I felt that if I didn't at least try, it'd be a regret I'd carry and a situation I'd ultimately find myself in again. So, try I did. I threw out all cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia like lighters and ashtrays that morning, and that was it. The first few days were very difficult, but over time it became easier, I thought about it less and I've not touched them since. So, if I can do it, anyone can do it. Just don't let your brain trick you into thinking otherwise. 

Onto the music. I'll link the tracklist up below as well as I can, but a lot of these edits will be hard to find now, so expect to dig around for things yourself if you are after something...




01. Joseph Terruel – Hot Pants! (Self Released)
02. Matthew Kyle – Vaguely Vogue (Self Released)
03. Duff Disco – Just In (Duff Disco)
04. Erdbeerschnitzel – To An End (Mirau Music)
05. Mark E – White Skyway (Under The Shade)
06. Shit Robot – Take Em Up (Mark E Black Country Dub) (DFA)
07. Ooft! – Mazin (House Of Disco)
08. The Owl – Street Man (Self Released)
09. James Brown – The Boss (The Owl Edit) (Self Released)
10. 78 Edits – Easy To Love
11. Eric Clapton & Sting – It’s Probably Me (Rayko Edit)
12. Unknown - Unknown
13. The Features – Lions (bydesign Rework)
14. Tim Zawada – Summertime Strut (Self Released)


 Hearthis (D/L available)

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