Built In Slow Motion

28 November 2023


This mix is one of the earlier mixes I posted online, from around 2010  going by some release dates of the tracks, but I honestly thought it was earlier than that. Anyway, before the likes of Soundcloud and Mixcloud became big things and cornering the mix hosting market, it was posted on a website called Postbocks, which has long since disappeared.

I've never been very confident with my mixes, I feel uneasy posting them online really, I always have. I generally think they don't stand up well against ones others post, so I don't push them too much in case it attracts the wrong kind of attention, which has happened every now and then. Strangely, this one attracted a weird form of attention. Someone on the Postbocks website, downloaded my mix, chopped the first track off, then uploaded it to their own profile and claimed it as their own... on the same website I was hosting my mix on. I only stumbled across this by chance after searching for a link to one of the tracks to pass on to someone else. The track wasn't on very many websites or mixes so when I searched my mix and the copied mix came up next to each other in the search results. A strange turn of events, and oddly both annoying and flattering, though I don't think worthy of such attention.

This mix also opened the door to getting to know a few good people in music, including Appo who is behind the Kate Bush edit.

I have recently updated the mix cover for this mix. The original was a bit rubbish; it was of it's time and of my skillset at the time, so I felt it could do with a fresh one, though slightly linked via the red brick wall. As for the name, I really can't remember what that was about... perhaps alluding to the blog which I was trying to put together in 2009.

As usual, I'll link the tracklist as well as possible, some might need you to do some digging yourself... it's been a while.




01. Kate Bush - Red Shoes (Appo Re-edit) (Self Released)
02. Gazeebo - Boob Holder (Gazeebo International)
03. DJ Agent 86 - Magic (Lightspeed Recordings)
04. Gary Tom's Empire - Sexy Lady (Lou's Handin' Out Bruises Beatdown) (Tigers On A Leash)
05. Loin Brothers - Garden Of Vargolf (Tornado Wallace Remix) (Future Classic)
06. Drop Out City Rockers - International Track (Drop Out)
07. Hall & Oates - I Can't Go For That ( Unknown Remake)
08. Art Of Tones - The World As I Live It (Room With A View)
09. Bonar Bradberry - Turning Loose (Ron Basejam Remix) (Under The Shade)
10. Honesty - Bleep Me (Room With A View)
11. Tape To Tape - Pure + Easy (Future Disco)
12. Sean Brosnan - Sat Jam (Eddie C Remix) (NeedWant)
13. Matthew Dear - Little People (Black City) (Mark E Remix) (Ghostly International)
14. FETE - The Islands (Maelstrom's Solar Disco Mix) (NeedWant)
15. Massimiliano Pagliara - Keep On Dreaming (Mark E Remix) (NeedWant)


Hearthis (D/L Available)

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