Thematic #01

21 February 2024



I've tried a couple of different ways to put selections up that don't put any weight on the mix aspect and lean entirely into sharing great music that a lot of people might not otherwise encounter; this is true at least where I grew up and spent most of my life. The musical palate in Aberdeen in the 1980's was pretty limited, it improved marginally in the 1990's but mostly due to rave culture that swept through the UK in that era, but it was never a hotbed of variety or diversity in the North East of Scotland. Things have changed quite a bit since then in the faces you see and voices you hear on the street, but I couldn't say if it's broadened the culture or not, I'm not in the town very often these days but you'd have to hope it would enhance the range of options available.


Anyway, I always liked dipping into things I was never exposed to, I used the public libraries and mail order through magazines and newspapers and these Thematic selections are really geared towards that line of thought from my younger days. Sometimes they will be considered quite commercial to someone who may have grown up in a very diverse area, but not everyone did, and perhaps many haven't explored music outwith narrow parameters, so perhaps these will bring something to the table in that regard.

I'm not sure why I've felt uneasy at sharing these in recent years, perhaps because of the lack of interest or feedback. I have actually had them hidden from public view for the most part since they were done in 2016. Although there's no focus on mixing, I do still try to create a nice flow so that the tracks sit well together. This one leans into funk and disco though not in the most commercial sense, there's a definite 'world music' vibe through this selection. Anyway, enough words, the music is where it's at and you can decide yourself how it flows and where it sits in terms of the genres. I'll link up to where you'll be able to easily grab the tracks for your own collection.




01. Ron Rinaldi - Mexican Summer (Spacetalk)
02. Jam Band '80 - Jammin' (With The Jam Band) (Rush Hour Music)
03. Sunset Gun - Be Thankful For What You Got (Thanks But No Thanks Edit) (Balearic Blah Blah)
04. Carrie Cleveland - Love Will Set You Free (Kalita)
05. Nana Love - Love Feeling (Dance Mix) (BBE)
06. Rob - Make It Fast, Make It Slow (Soundway)
07. Baby Huey - California Dreamin' (Curtom)
08. Experience Unlimited - Functus (Black Fire)
09. Marvin Gaye - Right On (Tamla)
10. Jeff Floyd - Don't Leave Me (City Of Dreams)
11. Jaye P. Morgan - Let's Get Together (How Do You Are?)
12. Reuben Wilson & The Cost Of Living - Together (Cadet)
13. Frederic Castel - Open Up (Leng)
14. Billy Paul - It's Critical (12" Version) (Philadelphia International Records)
15. Oby Onyioha - Enjoy Your Life (Soundway Records)
16. John Ozila - Funky Boogie (Spaziale)
17. Bokoor Band - Onukpa Shawarpo (Strut)
18. Roy Ayers - Africa, Centre Of The World (pitched up) (Polydor)
19. BB Seaton - Dancing In The Moonlight (Studio One)


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