Weekend Funk Up

28 January 2024


No great back story to this. It was a Friday evening, I had a couple of ciders and had a wee spin of some tunes, no planning, no forethought, just hit record and post the outcome. In my Soundcloud description I wrote that I had been thinking about doing a Deep House mix and that rather than that, this edit heavy mix came out the other side, so I imagine that's where the name 'Weekend Funk Up' came from.


This mix seemed well received by those who listened to it and one thing that I find amusing and confusing in equal measures is when a mix of mine appears in other people's playlists. This one is in a handful on Soundcloud, and when I scroll through the playlists I generally see my mix sitting there with a playcount in the hundreds, in amongst mixes with tens, or even hundreds of thousands of plays, this one is even in someones playlist where another mix has 1.6 million plays, and here's this one with just over 900. How do people find my mixes? How do others get such high play counts? Anyway, it's just something I notice now and then and it really stands out on occasion, like this one.

I already know before I get to the tracklist, it won't be easy to find a lot of these tracks. Many edits have come from folks on Soundcloud who have had them removed, or in some cases entire accounts were removed. I'll do my best, but if you want some of these you will likely need to dig around online yourself.



01. The Starkiller - Here Come Ol' Flat Top (Self Released)
02. David Bowie - Golden Years (Luxxury Edit) (Unknown Label)
03. Late Nite Tuff Guy - Pull Us Apart (Lightspeed Recordings)
04. Roy Ayers - Running Away (Noodleman Rework) (Self Released)
05. Billy Ocean - Loverboy (Drvg Cvltvre Edit) (Self Released)
06. Latimore - Out To Get'cha (Soulist & DJ Vas Edit) (Self Released)
07. Tugboat Edits - Love Sound (TZ Intimate Strangers Edit) (Self Released)
08. The Gino Fontaine - Revnorev (Revno Records)
09. Lonely Smoker - Frontin' (Midnight Riot)
10. James Brown - Mind Power (Mr Mendal Edit) (Not On Label)
11. Groovedown - Walk To Mississippi (Los Grandes)
12. Ojah with Hugh Masekela - Afro Beat Blues (The Owl Edit) (Not On Label)
13. Pillow Talk - The Real Thing (W&L Black)
14. Chicago - If You Leave Me Now (JP Source Edit) (Self Released)
15. Dr Packer - Contemplating (Discodat)
16. Stevie Wonder - I Wish (Spaghetti Legs Re-jig) (Self Released)
17. LTJ Xperience - Want (LTJ for Midnight City Edit) (Midnight City)
18. Sylvia Love - Extraterrestrial Lover (LTJ Rework) (It's A Small World Disco)
19. Disco/Very - Get It On (Dr Dunks How We Do In NYC Edit) (Edit Channel)
20. Mary Clark - Take Me, I'm Yours (La Shawn)


Download available via Hearthis



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