Chilled Summer

28 January 2024


This was my contribution to the continuing series of seasonal chillout mixes that were aired on the Balearic Social radio show. I don't think this is my best selection, not that it's bad, or that I don't like the tracks, I just think it's a bit all over the place and it doesn't really scream summer chill to me. If I could do any of the mixes from that series again, it would be this one for sure. Anyway, here it is, despite how I feel about it. There'll be more that I like even less that I'll be re-posting down the line in my aim to have this space reflecting the things I've done over the years - good, bad or in between; what's amazing to one might be terrible to another, and vice versa, so I figure why not just share them all, regardless of my own thoughts.



01. Wilson Tanner - Sun Room (Growing Bin Records)
02. Mark Barrott - Der Stern, Der Nie Vergeht (International Feel)
03. Wolf Muller & Cass. - Glade Runner (International Feel)
04. Sicker Man - Turns (Kompakt)
05. Morrison Kincannon - To See One Eagle Fly (Mudd Extended Edit) (Spacetalk)
06. Bartosz Kruczynski - Parco Degli Acquedotti (Growing Bin)
07. C.A.R / Red Axes - Incognito (Tom Farse Extrapolation) (Kill The DJ)
08. Ryo Kawasaki - You Are The Sunlight (Nu Northern Soul)
09. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Vakna (A Strangely Isolated Place)
10. Land Of Light - Isle Of Tears (ESP Institute)
11. Mr Hermano - Christina (Disorient)


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