Down The Rabbit Hole 3 - (Purple) - Softmore & Mixamorphosis

11 January 2024


This was my final throw of the dice with the Down The Rabbit Hole series on Box Frequency FM, and somehow I managed to entice an artist that I hugely admired and whose output I really loved. This was a show of 3 parts that clocked in at nearly 3 and a half hours! All three parts and tracklists are here, obviously the guest slot is the stand out, in my eyes it is a work of art, but give the 3 a whirl, in order, you might just like the whole shebang!


Oh, the guest? None other than the artist formerly known as No Requests, MK, Matthew Kyle, Matthew MacDonald and Softmore which was the name he went under at the time of this show. I think there's been another alias since, and I really wish I'd been able to keep up with the changes because as I already said, I seriously loved his work and was so delighted he agreed to share a platform with me [insert Wayne's World "We're not worthy" gif here]. If you should happen to stumble across the page Matthew, please give me a shout with your most recent projects, I'd love to catch up!


Regarding the tracklists, I will link them up as well as I possibly can, but given the nature of some of the tracks, a lot just aren't going to be around now at the time of this post being put together. What I have found are a mix of physical and digital, and it's across several platforms I'm afraid. As I said, I really did my best.


Part 1 - Me



01. Matthew Kyle - Check It On Out (78 Recordings)
02. Jona Saucedo - When I Do Love (Unknown Label)
03. Ned Doheny - A Love Of Your Own (Softmore Version) (Unknown Label)
04. The Isley Brothers - Footsteps In The Dark (Vins Edit) (Unknown Label)
05. Bobby Bland - Ain't No Love (Pistolpuma Remix) (Self Released)
06. Latimore - All The Way Lover (Disco Tech Edit) (Unknown Label)
07. Isaac Hayes - Walk On By (Prozak Morris Flip, Trip & Acid Flip) (Not On Label)
08. Mathieu Clé - Black Mysteries (Apersonal Music)
09. LNTG - You Abandoned Me (Lightspeed Recordings)
10. Rhye - Open (Softmore Dub) (Unknown Label)
11. BB King - Thrill Is Gone (RocknRolla Soundsystem Edit) (Self Released)
12. War - Slippin' Into Darkness (Gazeebo Edit) (Unknown Label)


Part 2 - Softmore 



01. Softmore - Air Traffic (Intro) (Not On Label)
02. Softmore - Weather Watcher (Interlude) (Not On Label)
03. Andras Fox - Erskine Falls (Home Loan Records)
04. Greg Paulus & John Camp - Remo (Wolf & Lamb Records)
05. Jesse Boykins III - Show Me Who You Are (Empire)
06. Greg Paulus - Daisy Duke (Wolf & Lamb Records)
07. DJ Cam - Bounce (Inflammable)
08. DJ Cam Quartet ft. InLove - Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Inflammable)
09. Softmore - In Flight (Interlude) (Not On Label)
10. GB ft. Steve Spacek - Simply So (Sound In Colour)
11. Joseph Terruel - The Jazzy Dub Sensation (In The Woods)
12. Softmore - Coastal Drift (Unknown Label)
13. Bobby - Transit (Circulations)
14. Softmore - Harp Chord (Interlude) (Not On Label)
15. Modlee & Vlooper - All Matter (Soulection)
16. The Rurals ft. Irantzu - Hermosa Blues (Softmore Edit) (Unknown Label)
17. Erlend Øye - Every Party Has a Winner and a Loser (Source)
18. Shy Girls - When I Say I Love U (Hit City)
19. Vital & Hubb - The Art of Alone (Fokuz Recordings)
20. 6th Borough Project - Deep C (Delusions Of Grandeur)
21. 6th Borough Project - The Callback (Delusions Of Grandeur)
22. BRS - Lovin' Me (Situation Rework) (Situation Sounds)
23. Phonique ft. Erlend Øye - For the Time Being (Dessous)
24. Kola Kube ft. Choklate - Break My Heart (Session Victim Remix) (Z Records)
25. Navid Izadi - On My Mind (Double Standards)
26. Harvey Sutherland - Nexus (This Thing Records)
27. Jerome C. - Heart & Soul (Double Standards)
28. Baby Prince & Navid Izadi - Missing You (Soul Clap Records)
29. Softmore - Air Traffic (Outro) (Not On Label)


Part 3 - Me Again




01. Hanny Dottaway - Talkin' 'Bout (Dimitri From Loisada Edit) (Ebo Records)
02. Phreek Plus One - La Spirale (J's Loveboat Mix) (Internasjonal)
03. Secret Society - Doe's Playa (1Trax)
04. Lay Far - Many Sided (Shadeleaf)
05. U - I (ManMakeMusic)
06. Munk & Rebolledo - Surf Smurf (Munk Version) (Gomma)
07. Gang Of Wolves - Universal Children (Stupid Human)
08. Cheek - Venus (Sunshine People Mix) (Versatile)
09. The London Heavy Disco Revue - The Balloon Room (Outhear Audio)
10. The Bucketheads - Got Myself Together (Kenlou Remix) (Positiva)
11. E-Versions - Khan (Merc)
12. Theo Vaness - Love Me Now (The Noodleman Dub) (Not On Label)
13. Goody Goody - It Looks Like Love (Sleazy McQueen Edit) (Unknown Label)


 Downloads available via Hearthis Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3






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