Different Strokes - Show 1 - dL & Mixamorphosis

12 January 2024


Back in 2014 I was invited to put together a monthly show on Box Frequency FM. I was so excited and happy to have the platform to do something and Different Strokes was born. I spent time creating jingles and getting in touch with some people I'd formed relationships with through the Soundcloud community and via this blog, mainly with my weekly feature Soundcloud Sunday, where I'd post the highlights of music I'd found during the previous week. So everyone I was getting in touch with were people who were putting things out that I genuinely loved, whether it be original tracks, edits or dj mixes.


I had 3 hours each month to fill, give or take, so I thought splitting the show into two mixes was the best way to go, one from a guest and one from myself, and to this day I still can't believe the calibre of guests I was able to share a platform with, including, of course, Softmore from my previous guest slot on Down The Rabbit Hole. 

One thing I did really want to try and do with this show was to bring a mix of styles and genres, and first up to the plate was dl, aka David Latte. David had been a regular to appear on my blog with his excellent edits, including one of Minnie Riperton's track 'Reasons' which he gave a gentle extension to, just for me to share here. If there's one person I've met through this, I would most like to be let loose in Davids record collection, I've had a flavour of what's in there from chatting, from his edits and mixes he's put out.


Unfortunately the show only ran for 6 months. I had a lot of ideas and people lined up that I wanted to bring in, but it was at this point where dealing with my Mum, her care, housing, health, divorce, my Sister and lots more besides started to become overwhelming and I didn't have the energy or time to devote to the project. It's something I wish I could turn the clock back on because I really lost focus on my own needs and life and doing this really gave me something to look forward to. We live and learn.


I have actually thought (many times) about bringing this back. Not necessarily for radio, maybe just through the blog, but I've really lost the vast majority of connections I had made and it seems like people have moved on from DJ mixes, blogs, radio shows etc. Everything seems much more limited and condensed into smaller pockets of the online world; spotify, tik tok, 1 minutes attention spans, viral video, dances and music that are forgotten about in a flash. I thing so much has been lost and devalued; perhaps I'm just getting old.


Anyway, back to the music. Part 1 from dL is a mix of hip hop, funk and soul. Part 2 from myself is a bit of slo-mo house and edits. I'll link the tracklists up as well as I can, expect there to be a mix of digital and physical, as well as a few I won't manage to find, but I'll do my best.

Part 1 - dL



01. Liquid Crystal Project - Tribute To T.R.O.Y (Turntable Jazz)
02. Cee Lo Green - The One (dL Remix) (Not On Label / Self Released)
03. Milton Wright - Keep It Up (Alston/Jazzman)
04. Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns - Fourplay (Atlantic)
05. Mary J Blige - Family Affair (Pete Rock Remix) (White Label)
06. Platinum Pied Pipers - Stay With Me (DJ Mitsu Remix) (Ubiquity)
07. Dj Mitsu - Yeah Y'all (Ft. Kev Brown & Roddy Rod) (Jazzy Sport)
08. Freddie Joachim - Waves (Word Is Bond)
09. J Dilla feat. Dwele - Dime Piece (BBE)
10. Count Basie & Sammy Davis Jr. - The Work Song (dL Edit) (Not On Label / Self Released)
11. Doug Hammond - Wake Up Brothers (Tribe / P Vine)
12. Jazz Liberatorz - Music In My Mind (Kif Recordings)
13. The Jazz Jousters Bring it to you Live (Unknown Label)
14. Mary J Blige - Ooh (Dilla Remix) (Donut Cuts)
15. Bahamadia - Uknowhowwedu (dL Remix) (Not On Label / Self Released)
16. Jimmy Mcgriff - The Bird (Edit) (Unknown Label)
17. The Visioneers - Funk Box (BBE)
18. Raheem DeVaughn feat Damian Marley - Revelations (Jive)
19. Gwen McCrae - 90% Of Me Is You (dL Edit) (Not On Label / Self Released)
20. Robert Glasper Experiment - Letter To Hermione (Blue Note)
21. Marc Moulin - Dag Madame Merci (Counterpoint Records)
22. Jazz Liberatorz - What's Real (Kif Recordings)
23. Pete Rock feat. Grap Luva - Collector's Item (Up Above Records)
24. Nujabes - Lady Brown (Hyde Out Productions)


Part 2 - Mixamorphosis




01. The Blaxploited Orchestra - The Pursuit (Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt Remix) (Late Night Tales)
02. DJ Steef - Music Of The Hot (Gazeebo International Recordings)
03. Laura Lee - Crumbs (Fingerman's Disco Beatdown) (Self Released)
04. Jad & The Ladyboy - Stroke You Down (Sonar Kollektiv)
05. Jona Saucedo - Beverly (Paraiso Musique)
06. Rusty Patter & London Colin - Phatter Chatter (Roar Groove)
07. Blondie - Rapture (Luxxury Edit) (Self Released)
08. Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt - Gold Snake (O'rs)
09. Moustache Love - Knitted 3 (Stereopor)
10. 78 Edits - Slick (Editorial)
11. Psol - Keep On Truckin' (FKR)
12. Diana Ross - The Boss (Pyxis Edit) (Not On Label)
13. Robjamweb - Bionic Love (Editorial)
14. DJ Moar - Funky Cat (Diggin' Deeper)
15. Joseph Terruel - Trying To Be Me (Apersonal Music)
16. Dr Packer - Contemplating (Discodat)
17. The Starkiller - Little Fluffy Contrails(Self Released)

Downloads available via Hearthis - Part 1  //  Part 2





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