Whatever Comes To Hand

13 December 2023


This was an off-the-cuff mix, and it shows at times. A couple of mixes and tracks don't flow as well as I'd like, but there are some great tracks in here. Sometimes mixes go that way, but there's still enough here to enjoy, or to my ears there is.

The cover is actually just a photo of a lego character that an old neighbours eldest kid gave me. They knew records and dj-ing was my hobby and they picked it up for me when they saw it. Anyway, it's from around 2013 I think. Unfortunately there's a few tracks I can't find now when linking up the tracklist so you'll need to do some digging for those if you want them.




01. Jeremy Glenn - New Life (Perseus Summer of Eighty Three Remix) (Future Disco)
02. Nick Turner - Love Is Reel (Trendy Mullet Recordings)
03. Drou Fiorotto - Flying Tribute To The Music (Unknown Label)
04. Marcello Giordani - Chubby Rain (Slow Motion Records)
05. Marvin Gaye - Heavy Love Affair (The Revenge Rework) (Unknown Label)
06. Deadly Sins - My Love Is (Hot Tonight) (Giant Cuts)
07. Kongas - Why Can't We Live Together? (Alkalino Edit) (Not On Label)
08. Cottam - Badustylee 2 (Self Released)
09. dbo - M.U.S.I.C (Audio Parallax Records)
10. Joseph Terruel - Untitled A1 (Unknown Label)
11. Pional - In Another Room (Hivern Discs)
12. John Clements - Cosmic Love (Nobuddy Remix) (Ken Records)
13. JockTalk - I Still Love You (Tusk Wax)


Download available via Hearthis


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