Sit Down, Listen Up

17 December 2023


This is a mix from around 2010. I've given the cover a refresh, I think this looks a lot better than the original version. Although the title has not sat very well with me, really since I originally posted it. I think the title came about due to the fact that around that time I was also playing around with a lot of tech house, electro and much more uptempo house in general, so the vibe on this felt more chilled. Clearly it's not, it's quite dancefloor friendly, but just a different kind of dancefloor.

I still think back to Kirsty Pemberton, who's gone on to do a lot in terms of playing out and invovlement with labels etc, leaving a comment on my original upload, along the lines of 'I sat down to listen up, but had to get up to dance'. I don't think I've ever come across someone with such a depth and breadth of music knowledge, so that was most definitely a highlight in terms of comments received.

So, sit down, stand up, jog, dance, whatever takes your fancy. The name's just a name.


Cecile - Sweetness 86 (Gomma)
Space System - Master Of The Sky (Heels Of Love Mix) (Pizzico Records)
Trickski - Pill Collins (Suol)
LF/LB - Faded Lady (Liiny's Moussaka Mix) (Freshit Recordings)
Spandau Ballet - True (No Request's Re-work) (Not On Label)
Havana Candy - Lost In Space (HCR)
Joey Negro pres. Kola Kube - Why? (Joey Negro Block Party Edit) (Z Records)
Tal M. Klein pres. The Disco Builders - Alone (Aniligital)
Apiento & Co. - She Walks (Leng)
Boogymann - Ride On (Superhuit)
Craig Bratley - Birdshell (6th Borough Project 'Shell Toe' Remix) (Instruments Of Rapture)
The Chi-Lites - We Need Order (No Request's Re-work) (Not On Label)
Alan Parsons Project - I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You (Beatconductor Re-work) (Spicy)
George Benson - Give Me The Night (A.C. Edit) (Not On Label)


Download available via Hearthis


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