Lost In The Moment (26)

4 July 2024


'26' from my 'Year of Music' series is now 'Lost In The Moment', for no other reason than it's a mix of house, call it deep, call it tech, call it what you like, but it's music that you'd get lost in the moment on the dancefloor. It's a little bit deep, a little bit spaced with some hands in the air moments, so getting Lost In The Moment wouldn't be hard to do. Try and get over the first couple of mixes, I was still a bit rusty on the 4/4 stuff, but there's some cracking tunes in here!

If you want to know more about the 'Year of Music' series, then head [HERE]. If you prefer to use Soundcloud, then you'll find that [HERE].



01. Caribou - Never Come Back (Morgan Geist Remix) (City Slang)
02. KH (aka Four Tet) - Only Human (Text Records)
03. Radiohead - Reckoner (Chambord Remix) (Around Midnight)
04. Orbital - Belfast (Yotto Remix) (London Music Stream)
05. Bicep - Closing Sequence (50WEAPONS)
06. Ahmed Spins - Anchor Point (MoBlack Records)
07. Axel Boman - Eyes Of My Mind (Studio Barnhus)
08. FYI Chris - Pizza Dust (Black Acre Records)
09. Phran - Transformen (Hivern Discs)
10. DJ Koze ft Sophia Kennedy - Drone Me Up, Flashy (&me Remix) (Pampa Records)
11. Dr. Feel ft Philasande - ITHONGO (Hanna Hais Donkela Remix) (Bosom)



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