A Liminal Space (24)

7 July 2024


'24' in the 'Year of Music' series has a fresh cover and is now called 'A Liminal Space'. It's an ambient mix that has lots of nature sounds layered into it, so it felt like an appropriate title. Disappointingly this mix has the lowest play count of any mix I have posted online, which is a shame because it's not the worst, but it is what it is.

The new cover is a combination of AI and my own digital messing around, again, I thought it tied in quite well with the feel and title, but as ever, anyone that listens / reads / views can be the judge of that.

If you want to know more about that 'Year of Music' series I mentioned, then you can find a little explanation over [HERE]. If you prefer to use Soundcloud, then that's available over [HERE] for now, though the link might not always remain active.



01. anthéne - Warmer Light (Home Normal)
02. Soundstory - Rain Storm (Self Released)
03. Madeleine Cocolas - Emergence (Headphone Commute)
04. Ai Yamamoto - From Yamaha To Yamamoto (Past Inside The Present)
05. Okada Takuro + Duenn - Third Sector (UP-03) (Newhere Music)
06. Masayoshi Fujita - Fabric (Erased Tapes)
07. Fields We Found - Walk (Home Normal)
08. Inner Travels - Babble (Inner Islands)
09. Inquiri - Ruminating (Past Inside The Present)
10. Robin Saville - The Deepdale Halophyte Economy (Morr Music)
11. Andrew Wasylyk - Through The Field Beyond The Trees The Ocean Lies (Athens Of The North)
12. Green-House - Soft Meadow (Leaving Records)
13. Biosphere - Dissolving Clouds (Biophon)
14. Sofie Birch - Hallu (ft _iC_iC_) (Intercourse)

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