Under The Dancing Lights (43)

7 June 2024



Previously known as '43', I've given this one the new name of 'Under The Dancing Lights' for no other reason than it's music to dance to and the cover resembles the lights you'd be dancing under. The cover has had a minor edit, but the truth is, although it resembles lights from an night out clubbing, it's actually lights that were in a cave at Chedder Gorge in Somerset, England.... shhh! Don't tell anyone.


If you want more information on the 'Year of Mixes' I put together, then you'll find that over [HERE]. If you prefer using Soundcloud, then you can find that [HERE], though I don't know how long I'll keep the necessary account running over there, it's an extra expense I could do without.





01. Al Calavicci - The Sun Is Setting On Us (Falk Recordings)
02. Roy Of The Ravers - Emotinium '22 (Emotional Response)
03. FYI Chris - Black Dragon Loop (Black Acre Recordings)
04. Barnt - Is This What They Were Born For? (Magazine)
05. Elef - Black Hole (Gerd Remix) (Carry On)
06. Quentin - Mirage (Hivern Discs)
07. Sfire - Sfire 3 (John Talabot Bubble Metropolis Rework) (Cocktail d'Amore Music)
08. Virtualmismo - Mismoplastico (Shakedown Remix) (DFC)
09. Les Professionnels - Sex Au Bureau (Cole's Acido Remix) (Raw Life)
10. Red 7 - I Lost My Shoes On Acid (Not On Label)



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