Bon Voyage (38)

10 June 2024


Another selection as opposed to a mix, this was originally titled simply as '38', but now is called 'Bon Voyage'.

I struggled to come up with a title and image for this one, sometimes you hit a mental block and that was the case here. Anyway, I've got over that and gone with Bon Voyage. Why? Well, I'm not sure you could call this Yacht Rock, or AOR, or Disco, but it's got flavours of all of the above, so I'm leaning into the Yacht Rock aspect with the title and cover. Unfortunately the image isn't a photo of mine. A couple of Mojitos on the deck of a luxury yacht is most definitely appealing, this is actually an edit of an image I made using AI, which I honestly find mind blowing... if I didn't mention it I'd wager hardly anyone would be able to tell.

If you want to know about the 'Year of Music' series, then click [HERE]. If you prefer to use Soundcloud, you can get that over [HERE] for the moment at least... it might not always be active.




01. Young Gun Silver Fox - Long Way Back (Légère Recordings)
02. Rick Cuevas - The Birds (Self Released) >>> Available on V/A - Fingertracks (ESP Institute)
03. Hudson-Ford - 90° In The Shade / Daylight (CBS)
04. Tender Leaf - Coast To Coast (Cool Sound)
05. Maria Muldaur - Midnight At The Oasis (Reprise Records)
06. Jaye P. Morgan - Can't Hide Love (Candor Records) >>> Recent reissue on WeWantSounds
07. Life Force - Slow Dancer (Favorite Recordings)
08. Daryl Hall & John Oates - Alone Too Long (RCA)
09. Alessi Brothers - Do You Feel It? (A&M Records)
10. Morrison Kincannon - To See One Eagle Fly (Spacetalk Records)
11. AM & Shawn Lee - Persuasion (AM Sounds)
12. Rosebud - Money (Star Gazer)
13. Jaki Whitren & John Cartwright - Stay Cool (Emotional Rescue)
14. Franne Golde - Isn't It Something (Portrait)
15. Mark Capanni - I Believe In Miracles (Jazzman)

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