Winter Chill Part 1

25 January 2024


There is a bit of a back story to this Winter Chill mix, which developed into a series that grew arms and legs. This initial mix came about off the back of a comment that I made on my personal Facebook page (when I had one), where I said something along the lines of wanting to do a purely ambient mix, something I had not done before. I'd been picking up the odd ambient record, or there were tracks I was enjoying on compilations, or b-sides of records and within artist albums, but it wasn't a genre I'd spent a lot of time in at this point. Andy Pye, the man behind Balearic Social, posted a reply on my post suggesting that if I did one, he would like to do a second part and that he'd air the mixes on his Balearic Social radio show. We agreed the mixes should be entirely beat free and I set about digging through my collection. A short time later, Matthew Foord suggested he'd also love to join in and do the same, and before we knew another seven people followed. 

So, a series of weekly ambient mixes was born during the Winter of 2015 in to 2016. Towards the end of the winter series, someone suggested we carry it on and do seasonal mixes throughout the year and at the end of the year I suggested doing a Back To Mine type run, and that also grew into a year long series. At the time I thought it was great, I enjoyed being a part of something and really put a lot of effort into things, especially when posting everyone's mixes to the blog, making sure the artwork was consistent, that tracklists were accurate (they often were not), sourcing links to the tracks like I do with my own mixes and writing a little about those who were taking part, plugging their own projects and socials etc. It's time consuming. I don't think any of that really mattered to the majority that were taking part, but to me it mattered. I think most were just excited at being on Purple Radio, which I think was the station the B.S show was hosted on. Gradually, over the course of the year, my involvement / input was sidelined by one or two people who seemed to just assume control of things and I just felt a bit disappointed come the end of it. I'm not sure disappointed is the right word, I'm not sure what is, but considering how it started and the time and effort I'd put in, I did feel quite flat about it and I think it added to me feeling like I shouldn't really engage on Facebook, or involve myself in projects with lots of other people in the music world; it's rarely straight forward or easy in my experience.

Anyway, that's a bit of the back story. I'm only going to be posting my own mixes on here. If you want to find the other contributions, perhaps have a look for them via Soundcloud, Mixcloud or Hearthis. If you can find them, the Faction mix was a particular favourite, as are a lot of his mixes, and worth hunting down.

The image, should you be interest, is of Bennachie. A range of hills in the Garioch area of Aberdeenshire, Scotland.




01. Floating Points - Elaenia - (Pluto)
02. Cass. - Emotioncode - (Emotional Response)
03. youAND:THEMACHINES - Desire - (Ornaments)
04. Dave Harrington ft. Tamara - Things Behind The Sun - (Other People)
05. Drvg Cvltvre - Moment 03 - (New York Haunted)
06. Joan Bibiloni - Val, I Vuw Ya - (Music From Memory)
07. Gigi Masin - Tharros - (The Bear On The Moon Records)
08. Karamika - Ton 9 - (ESP Institute)
09. Luke Wyatt - Time For Thick (Not Waving Remix) - (Emotional Response)
10. Chrome Canyon - Light - (Throne Of Blood)
11. Vangelis - Love Them From Blade Runner - (Off World / East West)
12. Gigi Masin - Consequences Of Goodbyes - (The Bear On The Moon Records)
13. Commodity Place - Clouds Inside Me - (Pocket Panther Records)
14. Vermont - Sharav - (Kompakt)
15. Proton Kinoun - Peripheral System - (Omnitropic)
16. 55 Cancri e - Belsebubs Tårar (del 1) - (Music For Dreams)
17. A.R.T. Wilson - Sarah's Theme (Air) - (Growing Bin Records)
18. Jonny Nash - A Shallow Space - (Melody As Truth)
19. Secret Circuit - Easter Island Electric Brain - (Emotional Response)
20. ambientsketchbook - A New Star - (Self Released)
21. Gunnar Haslam - Discouraged - (Mister Saturday Night Records)
22. Suzanne Kraft - Renee Sleeping - (Melody As Truth)
23. Hatchback - Horizon - (Be With Records)
24. Kettenkarussell - Drift - (Giegling)


Download available via Hearthis



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