The Summer Of Malcontent

30 January 2024


This mix from 2017 was recorded before the Summer, but I remember feeling like we were either on the verge, or already in, a state of crisis. Whether speaking climate/environment, the polarisation in politics and the knock on to society, the self harming of Brexit, the unpredicatble nature of Trump. 2016 had been a turbulent year with terror attacks around the world, there was a lot of services breaking apart at the seams, people were struggling to make ends meet, there were strikes happening and protests around the world; so it just felt like things were coming to the boil.  Who'd have thought we'd have ended up looking back from 2024 and thinking things were not so bad! 


Another factor in my thinking for the title was that back in the late 1970's there was a period of time in the UK where there the economy was in a mess, there were frequent strikes, power cuts, 3 day working weeks and more besides. This period was known as the Winter of Discontent and I played on that for the title of this mix. The mix wasn't planned at all, sometimes I listen back to a recording and think about what would suit the vibe or the progression of the sounds, the mood I am in, the feeling of the moment in current affairs. That's really how a lot of mixes get their names and covers.

The cover image is just looking through the trees I planted in my back garden (Himalayan Birch trees that have striking and beautiful white trunks all year round), towards the sunset, with a little added graphics from a  design app on my phone.



01. UNKLE - Outro (Mo Wax)
02. Lav & Purl - All Is Breath (A Strangely Isolated Place)
03. Billow Observatory - Plains (Azure Vista Recordings)
04. Gaussian Curve - T.O.R (Music From Memory)
05. Wilson Tanner - Further Than Your Headlights (Growing Bin Records)
06. Suzanne Kraft - Roberto & Giovanni (Melody As Truth)
07. Okinawa Delays - Nariyama Ayagu (Claremont 56)
08. Chris Coco - Splash Point (Melodica Recordings)
09. Seahawks - Didn't Know I Was Lost (Black Peaches Remix) (Ocean Moon)
10. Bendith - Dinas (Aficionado Recordings)
11. Mark Barrott - Sacred Islands (International Feel Recordings)
12. Wolf Muller & Cass. - Applepie Dreams (International Feel Recordings)
13. Evenings - Babe (Late Night Tales)
14. Slow Magic - Feel Flows (Sun Glitters Remix) (LebenStrasse Records)
15. Cale Parks - 36 Questions Sunset (Throne Of Blood)
16. Farbror Resande Mac - Vardagsrummet (Horisontal Mambo)
17. Arcane - The Arc (Ninja Tune)
18. 36 - Pulse Dive (3six Recordings)
19. Telefuzz - If The Vice Is Right (Upstairs Recordings)
20. ambientsketchbook - Life In Slow Motion (Self Released)
21. Laurie Anderson - Oh Superman (Jascha Hagen Remix) (Self Released)


Download available via Hearthis


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