Sunday - Saturo Sounds Guest Mix

26 January 2024


I don't think I've ever posted this mix to the blog before, I'm not sure why, perhaps because I didn't write down the tracks as I was recording the mix and don't really like posting without being able to link up the tracklist. 

This mix was one that I put together for Simon Cox (who I had as a guest on my Different Strokes show on Box Frequency FM). He had some heavy involvement in the early days of Saturo Sounds, I'm not sure if he had 'a show' as such, but more that he helped get other involved and providing content for the station. I'm also not sure if he's still involved with them, I did have a dig around their site and socials but didn't see any mention of him, so perhaps not.

Anyway, this was aired in late December, 2015 on a Sunday morning. I will try and add some of the tracklist, or at least what I can figure out of the top of my head. If I remember, I'll try come back to it and see if I can make it more complete.



01. Unknown
02. Al Johnson - I'm Back For More (Micamino Edit)
03. Sylvia Stiplin - You Can't Turn Me Away (Unknown Edit)
04. O.V. Wright - Let's Straighten It Out (Unknown Edit)
05. Unknown
06. Minnie Riperton - Inside My Love (Matthew Kyle Edit)
07. The JB's - You Can Have Watergate (Unknown Edit)
08. BlackBox - Ride On Time (Satin Jackets Roots Edit)
09. Unknown
10. Unknown
11. Unknown
12. Unknown

Download available via Hearthis


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