On Vacation 4

29 January 2024


This is the most recent installment of the On Vacation mixes that I would post before I headed off on a short break, and this one is from 2016/17 and it hasn't been posted on the blog before. It's a mix of house music with heavy lean into funk, soul and disco and edits that work well in amongst those kind of tracks. As David Kenney from APR once said... Everything's An Edit Anyway, and I think this mix with the samples and cheeky reworkings shows that isn't too far from the truth.

As for the mix itself, I really enjoy this one BUT there is one very frustrating bit during the Blueboy track where the recording glitches momentarily. The recording software on my computer can freeze on occasion, and then clicks back into action a moment or two later. I can only assume that happened here but as annoying as it is, I like the mix and I share it regardless... at least it's not a train wreck mix from me!



01. Keyboard Masher - I'm Still Qualified (KM Editions)
02. Admin - Reach For Love (Kolour Ltd)
03. Folamour - Dream To Love (Make Believe Disco)
04. FYI Chris - Banana Bread (Lumberjacks In Hell)
05. Frank Booker - Sequence Of Movement (Frank Booker Edit) (Disco Deviance)
06. Pontchartrain - Huggin' (Lovedancing)
07. The Blueboy - Sandman (Sidewalk Music)
08. Fatneck - Fool (Fatneck Edit) (Messalina)
09. Marvin / First Choice - After The Dance / Let No Man Put Asunder (Eros)
10. Closed Paradise - You Got It Goin' On (Long Weekend Records)
11. Late Nite Tuff Guy - Say U Love Me (Editor'z Kutz)
12. Mr Mendal - Freakin' (Banoffee Pies)
13. Closed Paradise - Breakin' Down (Whiskey Disco)
14. Djsounds - Casa Suave (Djsounds)
15. Man Power Thnk U (Stamp Records)
16. The Popular Peoples Front - Risky (Sleazy Beats Black Ops)
17. Tim Zawada - Do You Like Me? (Tugboat Edits)
18. Walter Jackson - Good To See You (Marvin & Guy Edit) (Self Released)
19. David Bowie - Let's Dance (Pontchartrain Edit) (Self Released)
20. Fleetwood Mac - World Turning (Ray Mang Edit) (Unknown Label)
21. Wings - Love Is Strange (Psychemagik Edit) (Self Released)
22. Luxxury - Feel That Heat (Self Released)


Download available via Hearthis



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