Different Strokes - Show 6 - Ex Ex Ex & Mixamorphosis

16 January 2024


So, the final Different Strokes show that was to appear on the brilliant station, Box Frequency. The real sad thing about it not being around isn't the loss of the music, that's still there across lots of platforms, it was the community that had built over time and the camaraderie and support that existed. That vanished with the station and I'm not sure I'll encounter that again.


As I've said in an earlier post, I'd like to revive the Different Strokes show in some way. I'm not sure if it's possible or feasible. When I left Facebook in 2018 I lost contact with so many people, and having barely spoken to anyone since between care, covid, lockdowns, losing my Mum it's hard to see how to pick things up. I do still like the idea of having something like this to focus on, but how to actually get there, I don't know. We'll see. It's on the back burner.


Back to this post and mixes. Nicole J Patten, otherwise known as Ex Ex Ex doesn't seem to have the same social media presence, but she is still on Soundcloud. I think I'm right in saying she was originally from Baltimore but had moved to Broolyn. I'd followed Nicole for a few years on Soundcloud and had posted a couple of her mixes to the blog in the early days. Not only does she have a great taste in music, her mixing was always great. Outside of music she came across as a very genuine and down to earth person.... but very busy. So I was really happy that she agreed to share this platform with me.


Part one from Nicole is very much centred around house music with a couple of curve balls in there to keep you on your toes. Part two from me was a mix of house and edits, and as far as my own mixes go, I was pretty pleased with this one. I'll link the tracklists up as well as I can, but there will likely be some I struggle to find now, so you'll need to dig around yourself if you want to find them.

If Nicole, or any of the other guests should happen to visit the blog, I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you. I doubt anyone will, and certainly none will know what it meant to me to do this and share the stage with these great talents. The same goes for the other people I've been involved with at Box Frequency or others I've done mixes for. Thank you.

Part One - Ex Ex Ex



01. Mr Scruff - We Are Coming (Max Graef Remix) - (Ninja Tune)
02. Eddie C - Be Aware (Nothing For Free) - (Endless Flight)
03. Session Victim - Hey Stranger - (Delusions Of Grandeur)
04. Moodymann - Black Mahogani - (Peacefrog Records)
05. DJ Kaos & Loudtone - Buffalo Dub - (Phonica Records)
06. Roman Flugel - The Odd Lobster - (Ostgut Ton)
07. Axel Boman - New Krau Era - (Studio Barnhus)
08. Dude Energy - Renee Running - (Animals Dancing)
09. Kraftwerk - Tour de France - (EMI)
10. Florian Kupfer - Feelin' - (L.I.E.S)
11. Leon Vynehall - Be Brave, Clench Fists - (3024)
12. Logic - The Final Frontier (The Groove) - (Strictly Rhythm)
13. Murat Tepeli - Forever (Prosumers Hold Me Touch Me Remix) - (Not On Label)
14. The Eagles - I Can't Tell You Why (Asylum Records)


 Part Two - Mixamorphosis




01. Tim Zawada - Can't Hide - (Tugboat Edits)
02. Disco Tech - Cover Me - (Discodat)
03. Discognosis - Step By Step (Belabouche Edit) - (Not On Label)
04. Backlash - Hang With The Gang (Gerd Edit) - (Not On Label)
05. Hot Toddy - Freekend - (Smoke 'n' Mirrors)
06. Janet - Come Lately (Bonar Bradberry Version) - (Self Releasaed)
07. Alkalino - Going On - (Audaz)
08. Petr Serkin - Dirty Hero - (Freedom Sessions Records)
09. Los Africanos - Do It (Mondo Disco Edit) - (Above Machine Edits)
10. The Black Madonna - Venus Requiem - (The Nite Owl Diner)
11. Frank Booker - Fall Out - (Sleazy Beats)
12. Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Rollin' On - (Editorial)
13. Andy Hart - Epsilon Girls - (Heist)
14. The Emoticons - The Best Of My Love (V Loves To Do It Edit) - (Vehicle)
15. GQ - Make My Dreams A Reality (Cosmic Boogie Edit) - (Not On Label)
16. Kleeer - Tonights The Night (Joey Negro's Tonight It's Party Time Edit) - (Z Records)


Downloads available via Hearthis  -  [Part One]  //  [Part Two





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