Dedicated To The Summer We Never Had

19 January 2024


I think this one is from the tail end of "summer" of 2015. Really, it was just an urge to have a wee mix and is one of those 'hit record and see what happens' moments, using the Traktor controller which was still very new to me. The title was plucked from thin air, based on the fact it had been a very wet summer and the image was as simple as point my phone at the window and pressing 'click'. There's really no back story, but that's the back story.

There are quite few edits in here, most from vinyl, so I'll link up as best I can, for the most part it'll likely be Discogs... sorry about that.



01. Ptaki - Krystyna - (The Very Polish Cut Outs)
02. MK - I Want Marvin - (Diner City Sound)
03. Marvin Gaye - Where Are We Going? - (Blue Note / Motown)
04. Quincy Jones - Summer In The City (Onur Engin Edit) (OE Edits)
05. Darondo - Didn't I? (Dave Allison Rework) - (Ubiquity)
06. Khotin & Dane - Josephina's Groove - (Common Edit)
07. Chorus & Disco Company - Słoneczna Promenada (Eddie C's Very Polish Motorbike Version) - (The Very Polish Cut Outs)
08. Toto - Georgy Porgy (Ed Zone Land Of Oz Edit) (Giant Cuts)
09. Pools - Sew Brand New - (Razor N Tape Reserve)
10. Taggy Matcher - Rappers Delight (Dub Version) - (Stix)
11. Bing Ji Ling - Thought Our Love Was Strong (Romanowski vs Bing Ji Ling Mix) - (Uber)
12. Cherry Garcia - Sol Floresta - (Golf Channel Recordings)
13. Faith Massive - Shelter (H-Track Edit) - (H-Track)
14. Brian Bennett - Solstice - (Star Gazer)
15. Eddie C - So Remoteman - (Red Motorbike)
16. Vins - Dear Clay - (Whiskey Disco)
17. David Batteau - Spaceship Earth - (How Do You Are?)


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